Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year - Seriously?

So as another year comes to an end, I can bet 95% of you reading this are hoping that the next year treats you better than 2010. Well, it won't. Only because we tend to remember the terrible and pathetic feelings and happenings we had during the year and not the ones that made us elated and happy and made put a smile on our face. Having said all that, I really do hope next year is better than this one. Wow, I just contradicted my own statement. Anyways, thats what I usually do on my slightly pointless blog about weird obsessions which most of you find fascinating.
Anyways, tomorrow being new year's eve I plan to do something different, and no that does not mean sit at home and watch the year change on my watch... I plan to get 52 people in one room and play the childish game of, "Killer-Detective." Everyone picks up a card from a shuffled deck of cards and the one who ends up with the Ace of Spades is the killer and it's my job to catch the killer because I am the detective. Now anyone who is the killer will be fearful of being caught and will be slightly nervous and I simply have to pick up on that nervousness. Not quite as easy as it sounds. But it's like when a cop asks you to pull over and asks for your papers, you know you haven't done anything but because there's a cop in front of you, you tend to act all nervous as if you just ran someone over. Something similar will happen in this "trick" and bear in my mind the killer can't bribe me and get away like you can with a cop on the roads.
Anyways, there's a whole lot of pointless bullshit about my weirdly obsessive behavior. Go party and bring on the new year dancing, jumping, hugging, fainting, puking or whatever you plan to do. Just don't "kill" someone. Happy new year! ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Astonishment!

Well it's probably my last if not second from last post of the year, so have fun reading and don't hate me for anything I might have said during the year because, well, it was all good fun even if you din't think so.
So a very merry Christmas to all you beautiful and handsome and weird looking people. And a special shout out to my followers.....and for those of you who haven't clicked the "follow" button yet, I hope you din't get scared when a weird and excessively fat man in a red suit with an over large beard tried to push you into a bag to small, because I asked Santa for more followers on my blog. Quite a small wish compared to the BMW i asked for last year, which I still haven't gotten.
Wow, that has to be the longest and most pointless introduction on one of my posts. Anyways, for the last three days I have been all over the place getting into people's head and dancing with glee in mine as I saw them freak out. First day with Google, where a girl said that she'd hate to be in a relationship with me because she couldn't lie to me even one bit(I don't blame her really).
Next day with some people from my work place who have seen me N number of times but still can't get enough of me(I don't blame them either) and finally yesterday with people from my dad's work place who were jumping around trying to figure out how I read all their minds in less then a minute.
Well that's a nice way to spend Christmas, for me anyway. I hope all of you had a nice little week too, and were up at night waiting for a fat man to come out of a tiny chimney and stuff large things in a hanging sock. Anyways do have an awesome build up to new years eve. Off you go to check the gifts in your sock if you haven't already. Cya ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Close Up Astonishment - What really happens!

So, every week or two weeks I have, what magicians call a table hopping show. Going from table to table looking for people willing to see magic.  Well it's a kind of a bore sometimes, but the positive point of doing magic for people you're meeting for the first time is, if you get it wrong, you can always run in the opposite direction and never care about them, or just jump up on the table and start dancing kind of embarrassingly and give the people a laugh. (Kindly note that I have never done that, nor do I intend to).
Anyways, last night at one of these "shows" I had people going gaga over me reading their eyes, lips, ears, necks, toes and every other part of their body, which did make some people think that I was staring at them inappropriately...well at least I don't have to meet them again.
Within two hours I was being pulled from table to table and asked to read people's mind and see them scream and then politely asked to join them for a drink sometime later which both of us know will never happen. The guys, girls and well any other type of people who were there were definitely flabbergasted by my apparently phenomenal observation skills, and astounded that I could tell a person he was lying about something because his toe moved. Ah, well people will believe in anything.
Just like all of you reading believe that I can actually read your mind. Well it's good to keep you all guessing, and it's definitely fun to write pointless stuff here and get rid of my boredom for sometime. Off you all go to get up on your tables and dance, or just run in the opposite direction of your laptops, computers, tablets, phones, PSP's or Mac's or whatever you may use to read this non-sense. Cya! ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Subliminal Messaging - Get what you want!

So, how to get someone to say something? Is it even possible to get someone to say something that you want them to say? Quite definitely yes! Of course, techniques like these will not help you get a girl to go on a date with you or convince your parents to let you go for prom or something. But, it can be used to create near impossible "magic" effects.
Ever since the buy pop corn and Pepsi ads start popping up in intervals of movies, the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically! I came up with a technique which was something similar to make people say what you want them too. Go on see the video and listen carefully to what I say. Don't read on till you've seen the video. Now, did you figure out why he actually said 'Crackers.' Well, notice my subtle using of the word burst. I ask that guy to let a word burst into his head. And prior to this event I had spoken to this person to get the image of crackers into his head . Similarly, you can say the following to a person, 'Let different images sail through your mind, and don't get overboard on detail, and just land upon an image.' Subtly using the words sail, overboard and land get the image of a boat or a ship sailing on water into someone's head. Using of such techniques requires a lot of balls to do in front of a sell out crowd. I can't even begin to tell you how scared I was when I handed the mic to that guy to name the word that he was thinking of, what IF he din't say crackers? Well it turned out good enough.
So of you go to try some of these weirdly inappropriate sentences on your friends and see if they think of boats or ships or crackers without a reason. Have fun! ;) Tell me about the results!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Micro Expressions -2!

Well, my addiction to reading Micro Expressions has just gone through the roof, only if I was as dedicated to study, ah well. For those of you who watch Lie to Me will know that the almost god like figure of Cal Lightman aka Tim Roth can figure when someone's lying or what someone's feeling, even though major parts of it are crap, it still manages to grab eye balls! The parts which are possible are of course really tough to do! 7 long years of my dedication studying people's eyebrows, foreheads, lips, necks, hands and feet don't go finally don't go wasted because of this show.
Now, what really happens? Do micro expressions just help in determining when someone is lying? The answer, no! See the video I posted! Go on see it, as soon as she looks at her cards, see the corner of her right eye twitch, that usually means a picture card. See a smile come onto her face, usually meaning a red card. These expressions are really small and kind of hard to catch, I just guessed the King of hearts because I knew it was a heart because of her nostrils flaring a bit! I just took a shot with the king! Also see the bottom left corner of her lip curling when I say 10. And an awkward smile on the number 8! On 2, her ear did a weird twitch not visible on the camera and on 3, if you watch closely you see the slightest movement of her thumb! Well, that just makes me a really scary person and for those of you tempted to throw your laptops or tablets or monitors away in shock of my awesome observation skills, kindly refrain from doing so, you'll break a perfectly good gadget. Oh by the way, does the blog look slightly better with the pictures and all? Thanks for the read! Have an awesome mid of the month party! ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Micro Expressions!

So of late, I've been obsessing over micro expressions and what happens to people the moment they see something. Expressions for fear, anger, happiness, sadness, surprise, contempt and disgust. Combine that with body movements and Neuro Linguistic Programming and a bit of suggestions and hypnosis, and you get.. me, quite a dangerous person to be around. :P
Click on the title to see these techniques in practice.
So what exactly did I see there? I said that in the video, but for those of you who didn't catch it, here it is again. The moment she saw the cards, her right eye twitched, that generally can mean a picture card. Also, her right shoulder had the tinniest shrugs, meaning she had two similar cards. That was coupled with a small intake of breath, usually indicating strength. So that made me think that the picture card might make a pair. And I said out loud, King, Queen and Jack to see her reactions to that. On the king and queen she had movements and on the jack she din't move at all, that happened naturally and I guessed two Jacks. For the number though I guessed three instead of seven, well I'm just learning, can't get it perfect every time now can I?
So all you 'Lie to Me' fans are going gaga right now waiting to try all this..well best of luck, it just took me 7 years to do it decently. ;)
All I can say is, don't even move a toenail when I am around..because I might just see that too. ;)
Off you go, go on, go lie to the world but not to me. :P

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Wicked goes Unseen: Preview

So it's the first post of the last month of the year. A very happy new month to all you beautiful people kind enough to be reading. For those of you not reading, I request the ones reading to go tell them how awesome my blog is. :p
Anyways, now that we're done away with the kind of behavior that 6 year olds do, lets get on. So, two days from now I have perhaps one of my biggest performance till date. I have had an audience of 500 or so people before in school and college, but that was just a 5-10 minute show, this time around I'll be performing for 500 people, for an hour. Something I'm looking forward to a lot. 500 unknown people looking up at me having no idea what this kid is going to do, an hour later, the same 500 people will hopefully be looking at each other wondering how the hell did this kid do what he did. ;)
What do I plan to do? Well, think of my two favorite performances, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Madness of the Unseen. Then take the most awesome parts of the two, and make way for........ Something Wicked goes Unseen!! Something Wicked, which had subtle forces, AND had predictions of the whole show at the end. Madness of the Unseen on the other hand used subliminal messaging, combine the two and you have an hour long piece of the most awesome magic I have ever done in my life, and THAT is saying something.
Well I hope my wickedness doesn't go unseen, and I get the ovation I'm hoping for. Wish me luck, bbye. Of you go to the unseen parts of your lives and see what wickedness lies there. Oh and by the way, the name for my show is also a subliminal message. Cya. ;)
PS: Click on the post title to see images of my shows!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Inception: Thought Projection Again!

Is it possible to project thoughts to someone? That to through a video? Go on click on the title of the blog, and come back. Go on click on it, watch the video and come back.
Excellent, did it work on you? How many of you reading ended up thinking of the four of diamonds? So IS IT possible to force someone to think of something? Is telepathy really getting ideas into someone's heads and making them do what you want them to do, well, I don't believe in telepathy and I guess most of you won't be people who believe in such retarded concepts. Telepathy isn't real, but subtly forcing someone to think of something is.
Watch the video again, see me making a diamond in the air when I talk about the card castle, see me holding up four fingers countless number of times in the video. Notice the subtle use of the sentence "The card castle falls down." What I actually say is, "The card castle fours down."
Also notice the last sentence , "Name it for me." It sounds like that but what I actually said is "Name it four me", while subtly flashing four fingers in front of you. Forcing the sub-conscious mind to think of certain details is exactly what telepathy in real life would be, some what Inception like.
Ah well, I just taught a method of mine on my blog, or did I? Is it exactly why you thought of the four of diamonds? Or is there a further science behind this scam? Well that's something for me to know and you to find out, something like the ending of the Inception. Of you go to see the video over and over again now, otherwise you'll be up at "four" in the morning trying to wonder what I did. Become a follower before you go! Cya ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STICK- What if you din't have legs?

The ability to walk, to run, to move from one place to another is something all of us take for granted. Is it possible to deprive someone of it? No offence to anyone with a fractured leg, sprained ankle or any other weird foot diseases that you may be suffering from.
So, I recently came across the idea of depriving someone the use of their feet. How you may ask? No, I don't use glue. Nor do I beat up a person black and blue so that he's unable to walk. It's a simple command, like a big banner outside a shop saying SALE can get girls to run into the shop to buy stuff that they think they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. The sign Happy Hours, gets guys to run in a bar just to get a free beer. Similarly, you can get it into someone's head that they won't be able to move, and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to move their feet.
Imagine being stuck to the ground and not being able to move? How weird a feeling would that be? But with a simple command of taking in a deep breath, the person who was apparently stuck to the ground can happily start jumping up and down in glee like a kid with a new lollipop.
Another little thought that fascinates me is what else can a human mind be forced to do, without it actually realizing that it's doing it? Rob a bank? Being led into believing that it's in a completely different place? Forced to agree to some stuff which it never believed in? Give away personal information?
Ah well, I hope all of you are by now, STUCK to my blog and are forced to believe that you're supposed to become a "follower." Thanks for the read, take in a deep breath, you are now officially UN-stuck from this page. Good-bye! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Guzaarish: The Magic in India!

So I saw Guzaarish yesterday, the apparent rip off of The Illusionist. Well, its not a rip off, the movie has a sad story and is beautifully made, but thats not the point, I'm not here to review movies, go pick up a newspaper or some other blog if you need a review.
The idea for me writing this post is the "Magic" in the movie. For anyone going to watch it for the magic, will be disappointed. Unlike The Prestige and The Illusionist, which had a class of awesome magic, Guzaarish just proves to the world and screams in their faces saying that the idea of Magic in India is still about cutting weird looking girls in half, making them fly while doing weird gestures and producing roses out of hats. As a magician, there's nothing more irritating than the fact that the movie outlines that Magic is about the secret, not the way the trick is done. Which is exactly the opposite of what it is. Anyone can do a trick, but getting the screams of shock from the spectators is what actually matters. There was just one line in the movie that said, "I think it's the applause that I miss the most", that makes me as a magician really happy. A person maybe be able to make an awesome power point presentation, but he may not be able to present it to people. It's EXACTLY the same with Magic.
I have nothing against the movie, it is as I said beautifully made, but Mr. Bhansali, you've made life for me here in India pretty tough. The next time I get an event and introduce myself as a magician, people will look forward to me vanishing their wives and cutting them in half.
Ah well, guess I'll just have to change the perception of people. From the Indian rope trick to being able to tell what a person is thinking of, it's time Magic in India evolved.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Potter Mania -What interests me!

Lumos! "I solemnly swear that I'm upto no good." Well that may hold true for all of us, I'm sure none of us are hardly ever upto any good. So I saw part 1 of the Deathly Hallows today, absolutely amazing movie! But I'm not Rajeev Masand so if you want to read a re-view of it, go to his blog.
Anyways, if you've been kind enough to come here to read what interests me about Harry Potter, it is of course, Legilimency. In Snape's terms "The ability to extract feelings or memories from another persons mind." At least that's what the book says. Also the idea of Voldemort planting images in Harry's dream, really Inception like. As a matter of fact even I tried to do that. Not plant ideas by spying on people's dreams, but by putting words into your mouth based on the way I talk. For example "Just keep thinKing of different cards and land upon one", can force some to think of a King because the "King" part of thinking was emphasized. And looking deep into a persons eyes can't really tell what a person is thinking of, it's a combination of voice, body language and a bit of eyes and also facial expressions. So you won't see me flying around on a broom with a stick in my hand shouting out latin words which hardly make any sense.
Thats a whole lot of non sense I just came up with, off to facebooking, tweeting or going to watch Harry Potter. Off you go! Oh before you go, Accio followers!
"Mischief Managed", Nox! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lie to Me

Lie to Me, an interesting and widely popular daily soap which kids, adults and old men sitting on wheel chairs love to watch. Why? Simple reason being, it's natural human tendency to try and figure out when a person is lying to you. Lie to Me, in the show the main lead uses various techniques to try and figure out when a person is lying to him, a power or a skill most people would kill for, and when confronted for that killing, they'll probably lie and get caught by that person.
But really when you think of it, the "techniques" revealed in that show are probably fake. I mean how would you know that, that is exactly how a person reacts when he's telling a lie or something like that. The show is made for entertainment purposes, although spotting lies and "tells" isn't tough. There's a concept named "Neuro Linguistic Programming" which is used to spot lies, it uses the simple principle that a person looks in a certain direction while thinking of something.
It's common knowledge that a man looks you in the eye when he tells the truth. But think of this, ask him a series of questions and he looks in a certain direction to think of the answer before answering, but one time he'll look you right in the eye and say something. Because that's a lie! He answered without thinking, he knew he was going to say that all along.
That's a whole lot of lying right there...there are loads of other principles which for obvious reason I won't reveal for fear of being out of business. So I end this post with an excessively self content smile on my face and saying.. "Don't Lie to Me" ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Spooky Beings!

Switch off all your lights, close the door and enjoy a spooky ride. Just kidding, with the doors closed and lights off, you may stress your eyes so much looking at the screen that you may be the next person going to Ripley's Believe it or Not pushing your eyes out of their sockets. Thats a whole lot of non-sense right there, lets get down to business.
The one question, do ghosts exist? Is there someone behind you right now, reading my blog with you and smiling and saying to himself, "Muhuhahahahah, I exist you fool." Is there someone in your room every night with an evil grin on his face looking to steal your soul or open doors and drop chairs? My belief yes there might just be. If not over your shoulder or in your bed sheets at night somewhere in the world, there might just be. But is it possible to call spirits or interact with people from the other world? A big NO! And any psychic or medium is just trying to spook you out using a stupid Ouija board or table and pretending that a coin or glass is moving on its own, and the "sightings" of spirits during these pathetic Seances is utter non-sense. Click on the post title to see how the "Science of Scams" work.
Most of you may still stick by your beliefs of someone behind you reading the post and some of you will know better of not to be scared of these so called ghosts, because even if they are there, they don't effect people.
I leave you with one question, Do you believe in ghosts? I don't. ;)
Oh and by the way, if you read the post please be kind enough to go to the bottom right corner and start following me. And, do any of you watch Lie to Me, want to know how everything works? Wait for the next post. ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What makes them go "WOW!"

Now that I believe that some of you have been passionately reading my posts and have been waiting eagerly for next post, probably with a pre-ordered pizza to eat while reading... aah, who am I kidding, half the times I feel like I'm, writing for myself but it's still fun, because I really have nothing else to do when I do post utter non-sense on this page.
What makes a magic trick? What makes them go wow? What brings a big comical 'O' shape to the people's faces? It's not the trick, it's how you do it and if it's something out of the blue. If an XYZ batsman comes and scores 10,000 runs in test cricket, there will be a small bit about it in the papers and that's it because Sachin Tendulkar's already done that, on the hand if he exceeds Tendulkar the media will go crazy over that guy. Or if I start selling you 500ml Pepsi for 5 bucks, people will get the comical 'O' that I was talking about.
Doing a card trick doesn't impress people, everyone does that, on the other hand memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in under 10 seconds make them scream and go mad. Asking people to do something, not so amazing, putting things in their head and making them do something sub-consciously makes them run towards the door to put as much distance between them and me!
If you present something to someone like everyone does, people will appreciate it, but if you add interesting facts along the way to connect to the people, they'll respect you and will remember what you did even 10 years down the line!
So, be different(no I don't endorse Kissan's sauce whose punch line is "It's Different") but do things in a different way and you'll be respected.
By the way, just to finish of, do you believe in ghosts? If you don't wait for my next post, and if you do, wait for my next post. ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hypnotic Suggestions

Before you spend your precious time on my rather pointless blog, click on the title of the post. Go ahead click on it, don't read the post till you do. Done? Seen the video? Fallen back into your chair? Ha, then relax in it and continue reading, if you din't fall back into your chair, then sit down and then read the post, otherwise you might have a weird neck pain looking down and reading for which I don't take any responsibility.
How did I do that? Well anyone half interested in psychology or anyone with even half a brain might understand it, it was just my rather excellent presentation that made the video what it was....a runaway success! ;)
These techniques are used by doctors and psychiatrists to cure people of phobias and unexplainable pains. I used it to make you fall down, or at least make an attempt at it. Using this, I've attempted to make people forget their names, their address' and even in some cases, their gender(no I'm not a sexist). But the best part is seeing people fall around like a card castle one by one rolling on the floor, just goes to show how suggestible people are. Unfortunately, this can be used by con artists to scam you or rob you for your money, I do no such thing. So fight out any thing that a person who you don't know may suggest you to do and you may have an experience worth telling your grand kids, assuming of course that a con artist does try to rob you.
Now that most of you are educated and well read about Hypnotic Suggestions, go get on with your life, because I don't think you'll ever use these techniques. Thanks for the read, wait for the next one. ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Review

The ones who read the last post and felt hungry, go get your pop corn and Pepsi for this post,to the ones who didn't...READ IT! Over to the review of the performance I did yesterday. 33 people going gaga over a blindfolded girl holding an art file and moving a pen without actually knowing what she wrote and saying she was moved to tears. 32 people pointlessly screaming out a word in their heads to try and project to a person sitting with her eyes closed thinking that they why can't they just tell her aloud? Me throwing out newspapers like it was my old summer job only to have one word selected! This and a lot more added up to my performance yesterday!(click on the title for pictures)
Starting with the childish game of 20 questions, where I have to guess something in 20 yes or no questions to the not so childish subliminal messaging. Mail 3 10 14 11 and Today along with the subtle using of the word "Breakthrough" all added up to my subliminal message being "Mail Today, Page 14 word chosen Breakthrough!" and numbers being chosen, 3, 11 and 10 which when combined become 31110, which incidentally was the 3rd of the 11th 2010, yesterday's date! So much for one performance, but it was all worth it when I saw some people standing up and clapping and coming up to hug me and congratulate me! Ah well, so much for tramps and fans. Time to go shopping for Diwali and laugh out really loud at the self respecting 20-40 year olds who take pride in being very well read but have no idea how this little kid made a fool of them, I just hope the Madness of the secrets behind my effects remains Unseen or else I'll be the one moved to tears because of angry people with sticks outside my doorstep cursing me. Over to the next performance, The Enigma! See you all there ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Preview

It's the 1st of November 2010, so a very happy new month to all of you reading! For those people who have not had the pleasure to read this, I request the ones reading to wish them a very happy new month.
Good! Now that we've done away with all the kiddish non-sense, lets get down to business. So with just a little over 36 hours left in my performance, I have started giving out subliminal messages to the people I'm going to perform for, hoping that they're roaming around the social network to actually make the effort to read them, otherwise I would have been an awkward fool who updated the status just to read it myself and be excited about it, ah well, lets just hope that's not the case.
For those of you who don't know what subliminal messages are, they are small lines or images that convince you to do certain things that you might not do otherwise. Like a buy pop corn and Pepsi sign in the interval, makes some of us feel, "Why not have it?" and interestingly the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically ever since these signs started coming up.
Of course, my idea is not to convince people to have pop corn and Pepsi while I'm performing (that would make me hungry and them distracted). But my idea is to make them say certain words or select certain objects/cards or other things that even they don't know why they selected.
For any 20:20 employ reading,14 3 Today 10 11 and Mail. For anyone else reading, did that post make you feel like having pop corn or Pepsi or did it make you hungry at all? What about this, does me saying this make you feel hungry?
Ha, enough of late night blabber and sub conscious non-sense. See you next post, happy new month again. ;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life of a madman!

An average human being needs at least 50 hours of sleep in a week, if he or she is deprived of this, they'll be roaming about streets shouting at cops for throwing a torch light on their faces in the middle of the night, or at least something like that, I've never really tried it.
A person gets up, goes to office/college/school or the traffic signals to act like a homeless person. But what does a magician or a mind reader do? Wake up and get inside people's heads to figure out what they do or think? Not at all!
For the last 2 days, I've been trying to come up with an hour long show for 52 people smiling up at me thinking that they're going to have the time of their lives, and that magic boy in front of them is going to read their minds and have them all go gaga! But those 52 people (also can be referred to as a human deck of cards) don't know that magic boy has just thought of the name of the show so far "Madness of the Unseen." If for the next two days, I can't come up with the ideas, the madness will indeed be unseen!
The challenge is to come up with something with a feel that makes people laugh in the beginning so much that in the end no voice comes out and they're just sitting there clapping like retarded seals. But as the show progresses I have to make the sit their and clap without laughing but being awestruck and betting all their money saying that I'm the scariest guy they've ever met(A bet that they wouldn't lose if u saw me :P).
I always end my post saying stop wasting time, but reading this I'm sure all of you know that I am as jobless as you and have nothing to do in life but to call people cards and seals and myself scary. Ah well, it got you till the end of the post anyways, come back for the next one too. ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What time is it?

Twenty four hours, one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in the day, think of any time! It feels like a tragic waste of time doing so, but imagine if I could guess the time you were thinking of. I did it today with a friend of mine and understandably, she started jumping up and down like a chimpanzee, most of which can be seen in the video I attached.
The sound quality may not seem nice and some of you may want to bitch slap me through the screen, kindly refrain from doing so, you'll ruin a perfectly good monitor/laptop screen/iPad or whatever geeky gadget you may use to view videos. I recommend using headphones or earphones to get a nice little feel of it. (just click on the title to see the video)
I went on to perform my psychological non-sense over the course of the day, taking breaks in between only to hog on food and coffee, only to come back to blabbering about stuff that the lady and the guy making the video would never ever consider using in their lives and spent a rather pointless day trying to convince them that I had more brains than them. A statement that would sound like a joke to anyone who might read it.
So, kindly stop reading and get on with your life. Although do comment and follow me before doing so, I love to get a mail saying "Anonymous" commented on your post, makes me feel important.
Enough talk, time to go and sleep, if you're reading this as the first thing in the morning please don't take it to heart and get on with our day. ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I often advertise(a la Derren Brown) that I use Magic,Suggestion,Psychology,Misdirection and Showmanship,and all results I achieve are achieved using a varied mixture of those techniques. But of late people have been asking me what is the most important out of those 5? Well,the most important is the pre show practice obviously,hours and hours of it(sometimes even years). But while performing showmanship is the most important aspect! I once taught a fellow magician how to guess the name of a card a person simply thought of,he did that trick on someone,the girl smiled and went on and he concluded that it was a pathetic trick and left magic all together.
2 days later I did the same trick with 40 people around me and I guessed the name of a card the same girl was thinking of,everyone around me went fucking mental! Not to compliment myself(I do a lot of that at most times) but it was just the way i presented the whole thing that made people scream and the girl swore that she had chills down her spine.
Showmanship is essential,not just for any magic trick but even if you're presenting a document to your bosses or a toy to a new born child.
You need to get rid of you're stage fright and be a man(no offence to any women reading at this point of time). ;)
So for any nervous people out there,talk and talk and talk to yourself till you friends and family think that you've become mentally ill then present a widely dis-credited document or dish or whatever with a lot of talk and nice showmanship and I assure you they WILL like it! Bring out the showman in you!
As always thank you for hearing out my complicated blabber,may you have a nice day,afternoon,evening,night or whatever weird time you're wasting time on my blog! Hope you've followed me and are eagerly waiting for my next post to waste some quality time over here. ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the most fascinating fields of mesmerizing people is by displaying memory techniques which may seem barking mad to anyone who hears about them,let alone see them. How would you react if I told you that i memorized the Oxford dictionary?That too in less than hour?You would obviously be assured of the fact that I'm not a sane person and have been given drugs or something which are forcing utter non-sense to come out of my mouth. Well you'd be wrong.
As a kid we learn 26 letters of the alphabet,that too in order,so shouldn't it be possible to remember 26 phone numbers or address' or even 26 pages of a book? I started with that,the number increasing ever so slowly till I could try and to an extent succeed in memorizing a 766 page book which was incidentally the best seller (Harry Potter 5). Taking that a step further I memorized the Oxford dictionary,ask a friend of mine who opened to any page,told me the page number and I described to her the page in detail,and I did this 5 times!
Next time you don't remember something,think of yourself as a kid remembering the 26 letters of the alphabet in order...
Most of you might feel that reading this post was an utter waste of time,for those of you din't,well ask the one's that did,or just wait for the next post because it does seem like you have a lot of time to go through this! ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

20:20 Performance

On Friday the 13th, I had a 45 minutes show inspired from Derren Brown's stage shows. Here's a little review of it written by a friend of mine.
At the end of last week we had a most entertaining celebration to Independence Day, we had Karan perform one of the most entertaining shows I have seen him do, and I have seen a LOT. He started by pointing to a file hanging overhead and told us all to keep an eye on it as it would be important at the end of the show. Next he brought out a few business cards, with contact details on the front and blank on the other side, except for one card which had a big black X on the other side. Everyone took a card, and instantly he took cards from 8-10 people and claimed they were all blank, and indeed they were. He then took 4-5 more cards from random people and again claimed that they were all blank, and again they were. With just 10-15 people remaining with cards in their hands, he got three of them up with him and ensured that one of them had the X marked card. He asked everyone else to hold up their cards...all blank! At this point some of us actually thought that all cards were blank but then he told one of the persons up with him to hold up the X marked card, and it indeed was. People broke into a very encouraging applaud for him. He then asked that man to name any country in the world for future reference, and he said South Africa.
After which, he wrote something down on a piece of paper and asked a lady to name a card, she said Queen of Hearts, he turned the piece of paper over, which said, Queen of Hearts and the audience broke into thunderous applause! But if I thought that this was the best applause he was going to get all his life, I was mistaken, he made a guy look the other way as he wrote the 'Jack of Spades' on a piece of paper, and showed everyone what he had written. He asked the guy to turn back around and name a card, he said....Jack Of Spades, the reaction of everyone was beyond anything even he could've imagined I believe. Breathtaking to say the least...and a dream for any performer.
Next thing was one of the most fun and entertaining pieces of psychological magic I have ever seen, he got five random people, bear in mind random people to come up and pick up a card each and without looking at it keep it on the table and mix them up. He had instructed four of them to place a card from one pile and one person from another, this was because they were separated in reds and blacks, so on the table were 5 cards, 4 reds and 1 black mixed together, he then invited the people to pick up any one of the five cards and look at it as he faced the other way. The idea was that a red card holder should lie to any question asked and the black card holder should tell the truth. He went on to figure out the person with the black card, the truth teller by picking up on expressions and it was a fun routine that got a lot of laughs along the way. But he then guessed the identity of the black card (8 of clubs) leaving the audience in shock!
After this he turned to look the other way and asked someone to chose any book out of around 30 and keep it with themselves. He then got a book himself and asked someone to open it to any page number and see any word on that page. He claimed to pick up on expressions which everyone could see and accurately guessed the page number AND the word. After which he said, and I quote, " At this point, I'm sure all of you must be thinking of going home and reading books to contain or hold back your minute expressions to prevent me from getting to know your password or your pin number, don't do so! Because I din't really pick up on any expression, I made it easier for myself....and memorized every book kept there." Everyone thought, and we can't blame them that he was kidding and started laughing. But he then proved it when he asked the first lady to open the book he din't see at any page number. He looked the other way, asked the name of the book (Swim with the Sharks) and the page number (176) and next second, he read the whole page while looking the other way! The screams of shock were unimaginable at this point. As he went on to guess the word the woman was reading in her head, people couldn't even clap because of shock!
After the applause had died out, which took a while, he gave out a business card and told three people to write any 4 digit numbers and add them up, and as they did that he pointed to the half forgotten file that hung over head. The file was got down, and what was inside made everyone wonder if the guy standing in front of us, claiming not to be psychic and using psychological techniques and showmanship to fool us was actually a guy or an alien with unimaginable powers. In the file was the prediction of the whole damn show! From the country named, South Africa, to the 8 of clubs followed by the identity of the truth teller !! Then the randomly chosen book out of a stack of 30 (Swim with the Sharks) the page number the person opened the book to (Pg 176) and finally the word (Chairs) and the last sheet said, Thank You. Just then the audience broke into undying applause. Half way through the applause, he remembered that some numbers were being added up, and the total came out to be 13810, he turned what we thought was the last sheet that said thank you behind which was written...13810!! It would be an understatement to say that the audience went crazy screaming and applauding just when he reminded them that the days date was the 13th of the 8th, 2010 and indeed was 13810! The man got the undying applause after that which he fully deserved.
Some called him a mind reader, some a magician, but for me, he is the scariest man I have ever met in my life! Absolutely flabbergasted, astounding stuff! Kudos Karan, hope you make it big some day, and I am there the next time you have people add up random numbers to get the date to get another standing ovation. Perfect beginning to Friday the 13th!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Words to the Masters

When I started with magic, I saw David Blaine and the way he connected to the audience, and something as simple as making a chosen card jump to the top of the deck made the people scream and jump with shock. When I did the same thing, people just smiled and moved on, the inspiration given by David Blaine to make people scream with something as simple as a card trick made me work so hard till I got the same effect.
Then I saw the man who is perceived by many to be the modern day Houdini, none other than Criss Angel, but sadly, Criss Angel never had a huge impact on me, I always wanted to be like David Blaine, never Criss Angel.
I then came across a guy named Wayne Houchin, and he is the man who made me wonder why do I want to be like Blaine? I should be myself and be amazing the way I am normally, Wayne made me realize that true magic comes with your true personality not by copying someone else's just because he's good the way he is.
Finally, sometime in 2006, I saw Derren Brown, he took the idea of Magic to a new level, he changed my views, he changed my performance and he somehow made me upgrade my skills, and I can positively say that Derren Brown is the master of all, he is possibly the scariest man alive according to me, and will continue to be so until someone brings something newer and even more amazing to the Art Of Astonishment.
Derren Brown, David Blaine, Wayne Houchin...Great Great Respect!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lie Detector Test

Ever wondered how it would be if you could look at a person and be able to tell if he was telling a lie or genuinely being truthful? I was fascinated by the thought of being able to tell this. I saw a lie detector test on a video once and could never really learn how it worked, but as I grew older that it was complicated non-sense that I doubt i would ever be interested in. Then I saw the much hyped game show, The Moment of Truth which at first I thought was a show with unbelievably bad acting, and I still stand by that belief.

But after watching that show ages after my addiction of detecting lies I was fascinated again, I started learning techniques which might help me in detecting lies. For example it's a common knowledge that if a person looks into your eyes and says something he's probably genuinely telling the truth, but think of this, observe the person while he talks normally and when he actually is lying is he trying ever so hard to maintain eye contact? If yes then he is probably lying with the eye contact.

I came up with a trick where in a person chooses a card, and then 5 people one by one name any card they want out loud. And they are instructed before hand that one of the 5 has to name the chosen card and it was my job to spot the truth teller. Finally I asked the truth teller to name 5 cards IN HIS HEAD and I tried to guess the number at which he mentally named the chosen card along with the other 4 random cards that he had just thought of.
All I can say to that with a excessively self content smirk on my face is, Don't Lie To Me...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Real Magic

I don't claim to be psychic. I don't claim to have super natural powers, and we all know that there is no such thing as real magic. A magician simply fuses sleight of hand, psychology, suggestion, hypnosis, misdirection and showmanship. All "tricks" done are a combination of all those techniques.
But for me the closest to real magic anyone can get is through over whelming spectator response. I was recently performing Magic for some people, I had given out a deck of cards to shuffle and I tried to memorize the position of each and every card inside the less than 20 seconds! The next moment I was naming each and every card as a 34 year old woman turned those cards over. And I got the trick bang on..not a single mistake. The next moment the woman came up to me, with small drops of tears in her eyes and said to me "Wow! That's the most astounding thing I have ever seen in my life!"
That to me was Real Magic, for the first time I felt that I had done an amazing job, touching the spectator on an emotional level is one of the toughest things to do, and I managed to do that, and that to any magician has to be the True Art of Astonishment, that is Real Magic...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I got started into Card Magic!

The ones who've been following my blog (a big thank you to them) you people must have read my first post about how I got started into Magic, with the lipstick all over the place! At that point of time, I started learning coin magic and mind reading techniques and a concept named Neuro Listic Programming or NLP. All of this was really complicated and there were only a handful tricks that I could do with conviction.
But then, one evening I had this friend teaching me poker rather atrociously, and I remember that I needed one card to make an excellent hand. So I willed him to give me that card, but as I predicted I made a fool of myself. But ever since then I was hooked to cards, I had a deck in my hand 24 hours a day, I was trying to name a number to myself and trying to cut that many cards from the top of the deck. Then I saw episodes of the World Series Of Poker and tried to track the shuffling of the dealers there. Now 8 years later I can cut as many cards as I want, I can tell how many cards someone else has cut, I can cut to any named card, I can take out the 4 aces from a shuffled and borrowed deck and make you pick any card I want without ever touching the cards! And I leave you with one question "Are you watching closely?"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shot Again - The Bullet Catch

The Bullet Catch. By far the most dangerous Magic trick known to mankind. 12 magicians have died doing the Bullet Catch and ever since I made my version of it, every time i perform it I just hope that I wont be the unlucky 13th. So what is The Bullet Catch? Simple. Someone shoots at you and you catch the bullet, in your hand in your mouth or even in your feet. Well, doesn't sound as simple or sweet does it?
The first time I performed The Bullet Catch I nearly lost my right hand, but over time it has become one of the best stage endings for me. Someone shoots and I catch the bullet and I'm alive to tell the tale. It's an illusion that people talk about to their family and friends, it's something you have to see to believe!! The Bullet Catch, the illusion that has taken 12 lives and made the lives of many many Magicians helping them to become famous! Will I be next in line?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


When you first hear the word Shot, something scary comes to mind. One imagines a helpless person standing at gun point about to be "Shot." But this is not at all what I mean. Shot is simply a card trick.
Imagine this, I bring out a deck of cards and hand them over to be shuffled by a spectator and he takes out a card and signs it. All this while my back is turned.
I turn back around take the deck and make them confirm that the chosen card is still in the deck and then hand the deck back over. I then introduce an air gun (i don't really have a license to use a real gun :P). I ask the spectator to throw the deck of cards in the air and I shoot. Next thing we know the bullet punctures a hole in the signed card!
Okay, this seems impossible but what happens next seems even more unbelievable. The card is mixed back into the deck and handed to another spectator, the spectator who originally picked a card is given the gun. The second spectator throws the deck in the air and the first spectator shoots and a new second hole is punctured in the deck!
Coming Soon, another trick with a gun, the much hyped Bullet Catch!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google Performance

In the last 6-7 years that i have done magic, i have received hundreds of compliments and appreciations from people who i have performed for. Everywhere I go, i love hearing people talk about my "special" abilities. But by far the best appreciations I've ever got were from Google, and I thought it would be nice to share what Google said about me as my second post...
Gurgaon had quite an unusal close to last week.It was captivating as well as scary. 45 min seemed too short for us. We all wanted more and more.
We played host to Karan Singh , a magician par excellence during TGIF last week. He showed us card magic; from separating all the Aces in a deck without looking at them to guessing which number we were thinking about - he transported us to another world and told us why he wouldn't be allowed in casinos after this :)
He started at the age of 5 and has only been getting better and better untill now. He started by asking someone from the audience to choose a card , show it to everyone and mix it back in the deck. After which he asked someone else in the audience to call out a random number between 1 and 52 ( someone has 25) and he counts 24 cards in the deck and lo and behold! the 25th card turns out to be the chosen card!! This was only the beginning of more such magic. He then involved a group of people to pick cards and hold it between their hands and without touching them got their cards on to his palm. After the initial thoughts of trying to figure out how he did what he did , we all gave up and got immersed ourselves in some reallyyy good card guessing games. He stunned all of us by telling us which card we thought of without even using the deck. All around words like " , amazinggg , brilliant" could be heard.

Some called him a mind reader , some a magician. In the end , he was the perfect entertainer and we couldn't have ended the week on a more magical note!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How i got started into magic!!

My first step into the world of Magic, my first insight into what I like to call it, "The Art of Ashtonishment" came at a family dinner 7 years back and it involved a lipstick. No,not lipstick on my chest,not lipstick on my face,not even lipstick on my lips! It was one small mark of lipstick that came onto my hand from my uncle's hand without him coming anywhere near me. From that point on, i was hooked, from that point on, i never looked back, Magic became my passion, Magic became my hobby, Magic became my life!
For 7 long years now, i have been standing in front of mirrors for 10-12 hours a day, practicing and practicing some more, getting up in the middle of the night just because an idea came to me, and all this just to see the spectators stare at me in amazement when I show them my "tricks." From card magic to coins to mind reading to levitating four feet in the air, Magic gave me a new life form.
And now that I have a medium to express my love for Magic, for my "Art of Ashtonishment" I would love for all of you reading this to follow me on my blog as I post regularly on the World of Magic!