Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I got started into Card Magic!

The ones who've been following my blog (a big thank you to them) you people must have read my first post about how I got started into Magic, with the lipstick all over the place! At that point of time, I started learning coin magic and mind reading techniques and a concept named Neuro Listic Programming or NLP. All of this was really complicated and there were only a handful tricks that I could do with conviction.
But then, one evening I had this friend teaching me poker rather atrociously, and I remember that I needed one card to make an excellent hand. So I willed him to give me that card, but as I predicted I made a fool of myself. But ever since then I was hooked to cards, I had a deck in my hand 24 hours a day, I was trying to name a number to myself and trying to cut that many cards from the top of the deck. Then I saw episodes of the World Series Of Poker and tried to track the shuffling of the dealers there. Now 8 years later I can cut as many cards as I want, I can tell how many cards someone else has cut, I can cut to any named card, I can take out the 4 aces from a shuffled and borrowed deck and make you pick any card I want without ever touching the cards! And I leave you with one question "Are you watching closely?"