Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lie Detector Test

Ever wondered how it would be if you could look at a person and be able to tell if he was telling a lie or genuinely being truthful? I was fascinated by the thought of being able to tell this. I saw a lie detector test on a video once and could never really learn how it worked, but as I grew older that it was complicated non-sense that I doubt i would ever be interested in. Then I saw the much hyped game show, The Moment of Truth which at first I thought was a show with unbelievably bad acting, and I still stand by that belief.

But after watching that show ages after my addiction of detecting lies I was fascinated again, I started learning techniques which might help me in detecting lies. For example it's a common knowledge that if a person looks into your eyes and says something he's probably genuinely telling the truth, but think of this, observe the person while he talks normally and when he actually is lying is he trying ever so hard to maintain eye contact? If yes then he is probably lying with the eye contact.

I came up with a trick where in a person chooses a card, and then 5 people one by one name any card they want out loud. And they are instructed before hand that one of the 5 has to name the chosen card and it was my job to spot the truth teller. Finally I asked the truth teller to name 5 cards IN HIS HEAD and I tried to guess the number at which he mentally named the chosen card along with the other 4 random cards that he had just thought of.
All I can say to that with a excessively self content smirk on my face is, Don't Lie To Me...