Friday, August 6, 2010

Words to the Masters

When I started with magic, I saw David Blaine and the way he connected to the audience, and something as simple as making a chosen card jump to the top of the deck made the people scream and jump with shock. When I did the same thing, people just smiled and moved on, the inspiration given by David Blaine to make people scream with something as simple as a card trick made me work so hard till I got the same effect.
Then I saw the man who is perceived by many to be the modern day Houdini, none other than Criss Angel, but sadly, Criss Angel never had a huge impact on me, I always wanted to be like David Blaine, never Criss Angel.
I then came across a guy named Wayne Houchin, and he is the man who made me wonder why do I want to be like Blaine? I should be myself and be amazing the way I am normally, Wayne made me realize that true magic comes with your true personality not by copying someone else's just because he's good the way he is.
Finally, sometime in 2006, I saw Derren Brown, he took the idea of Magic to a new level, he changed my views, he changed my performance and he somehow made me upgrade my skills, and I can positively say that Derren Brown is the master of all, he is possibly the scariest man alive according to me, and will continue to be so until someone brings something newer and even more amazing to the Art Of Astonishment.
Derren Brown, David Blaine, Wayne Houchin...Great Great Respect!!