Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the most fascinating fields of mesmerizing people is by displaying memory techniques which may seem barking mad to anyone who hears about them,let alone see them. How would you react if I told you that i memorized the Oxford dictionary?That too in less than hour?You would obviously be assured of the fact that I'm not a sane person and have been given drugs or something which are forcing utter non-sense to come out of my mouth. Well you'd be wrong.
As a kid we learn 26 letters of the alphabet,that too in order,so shouldn't it be possible to remember 26 phone numbers or address' or even 26 pages of a book? I started with that,the number increasing ever so slowly till I could try and to an extent succeed in memorizing a 766 page book which was incidentally the best seller (Harry Potter 5). Taking that a step further I memorized the Oxford dictionary,ask a friend of mine who opened to any page,told me the page number and I described to her the page in detail,and I did this 5 times!
Next time you don't remember something,think of yourself as a kid remembering the 26 letters of the alphabet in order...
Most of you might feel that reading this post was an utter waste of time,for those of you din't,well ask the one's that did,or just wait for the next post because it does seem like you have a lot of time to go through this! ;)