Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I often advertise(a la Derren Brown) that I use Magic,Suggestion,Psychology,Misdirection and Showmanship,and all results I achieve are achieved using a varied mixture of those techniques. But of late people have been asking me what is the most important out of those 5? Well,the most important is the pre show practice obviously,hours and hours of it(sometimes even years). But while performing showmanship is the most important aspect! I once taught a fellow magician how to guess the name of a card a person simply thought of,he did that trick on someone,the girl smiled and went on and he concluded that it was a pathetic trick and left magic all together.
2 days later I did the same trick with 40 people around me and I guessed the name of a card the same girl was thinking of,everyone around me went fucking mental! Not to compliment myself(I do a lot of that at most times) but it was just the way i presented the whole thing that made people scream and the girl swore that she had chills down her spine.
Showmanship is essential,not just for any magic trick but even if you're presenting a document to your bosses or a toy to a new born child.
You need to get rid of you're stage fright and be a man(no offence to any women reading at this point of time). ;)
So for any nervous people out there,talk and talk and talk to yourself till you friends and family think that you've become mentally ill then present a widely dis-credited document or dish or whatever with a lot of talk and nice showmanship and I assure you they WILL like it! Bring out the showman in you!
As always thank you for hearing out my complicated blabber,may you have a nice day,afternoon,evening,night or whatever weird time you're wasting time on my blog! Hope you've followed me and are eagerly waiting for my next post to waste some quality time over here. ;)