Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What time is it?

Twenty four hours, one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in the day, think of any time! It feels like a tragic waste of time doing so, but imagine if I could guess the time you were thinking of. I did it today with a friend of mine and understandably, she started jumping up and down like a chimpanzee, most of which can be seen in the video I attached.
The sound quality may not seem nice and some of you may want to bitch slap me through the screen, kindly refrain from doing so, you'll ruin a perfectly good monitor/laptop screen/iPad or whatever geeky gadget you may use to view videos. I recommend using headphones or earphones to get a nice little feel of it. (just click on the title to see the video)
I went on to perform my psychological non-sense over the course of the day, taking breaks in between only to hog on food and coffee, only to come back to blabbering about stuff that the lady and the guy making the video would never ever consider using in their lives and spent a rather pointless day trying to convince them that I had more brains than them. A statement that would sound like a joke to anyone who might read it.
So, kindly stop reading and get on with your life. Although do comment and follow me before doing so, I love to get a mail saying "Anonymous" commented on your post, makes me feel important.
Enough talk, time to go and sleep, if you're reading this as the first thing in the morning please don't take it to heart and get on with our day. ;)