Monday, November 29, 2010

Inception: Thought Projection Again!

Is it possible to project thoughts to someone? That to through a video? Go on click on the title of the blog, and come back. Go on click on it, watch the video and come back.
Excellent, did it work on you? How many of you reading ended up thinking of the four of diamonds? So IS IT possible to force someone to think of something? Is telepathy really getting ideas into someone's heads and making them do what you want them to do, well, I don't believe in telepathy and I guess most of you won't be people who believe in such retarded concepts. Telepathy isn't real, but subtly forcing someone to think of something is.
Watch the video again, see me making a diamond in the air when I talk about the card castle, see me holding up four fingers countless number of times in the video. Notice the subtle use of the sentence "The card castle falls down." What I actually say is, "The card castle fours down."
Also notice the last sentence , "Name it for me." It sounds like that but what I actually said is "Name it four me", while subtly flashing four fingers in front of you. Forcing the sub-conscious mind to think of certain details is exactly what telepathy in real life would be, some what Inception like.
Ah well, I just taught a method of mine on my blog, or did I? Is it exactly why you thought of the four of diamonds? Or is there a further science behind this scam? Well that's something for me to know and you to find out, something like the ending of the Inception. Of you go to see the video over and over again now, otherwise you'll be up at "four" in the morning trying to wonder what I did. Become a follower before you go! Cya ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STICK- What if you din't have legs?

The ability to walk, to run, to move from one place to another is something all of us take for granted. Is it possible to deprive someone of it? No offence to anyone with a fractured leg, sprained ankle or any other weird foot diseases that you may be suffering from.
So, I recently came across the idea of depriving someone the use of their feet. How you may ask? No, I don't use glue. Nor do I beat up a person black and blue so that he's unable to walk. It's a simple command, like a big banner outside a shop saying SALE can get girls to run into the shop to buy stuff that they think they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. The sign Happy Hours, gets guys to run in a bar just to get a free beer. Similarly, you can get it into someone's head that they won't be able to move, and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to move their feet.
Imagine being stuck to the ground and not being able to move? How weird a feeling would that be? But with a simple command of taking in a deep breath, the person who was apparently stuck to the ground can happily start jumping up and down in glee like a kid with a new lollipop.
Another little thought that fascinates me is what else can a human mind be forced to do, without it actually realizing that it's doing it? Rob a bank? Being led into believing that it's in a completely different place? Forced to agree to some stuff which it never believed in? Give away personal information?
Ah well, I hope all of you are by now, STUCK to my blog and are forced to believe that you're supposed to become a "follower." Thanks for the read, take in a deep breath, you are now officially UN-stuck from this page. Good-bye! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Guzaarish: The Magic in India!

So I saw Guzaarish yesterday, the apparent rip off of The Illusionist. Well, its not a rip off, the movie has a sad story and is beautifully made, but thats not the point, I'm not here to review movies, go pick up a newspaper or some other blog if you need a review.
The idea for me writing this post is the "Magic" in the movie. For anyone going to watch it for the magic, will be disappointed. Unlike The Prestige and The Illusionist, which had a class of awesome magic, Guzaarish just proves to the world and screams in their faces saying that the idea of Magic in India is still about cutting weird looking girls in half, making them fly while doing weird gestures and producing roses out of hats. As a magician, there's nothing more irritating than the fact that the movie outlines that Magic is about the secret, not the way the trick is done. Which is exactly the opposite of what it is. Anyone can do a trick, but getting the screams of shock from the spectators is what actually matters. There was just one line in the movie that said, "I think it's the applause that I miss the most", that makes me as a magician really happy. A person maybe be able to make an awesome power point presentation, but he may not be able to present it to people. It's EXACTLY the same with Magic.
I have nothing against the movie, it is as I said beautifully made, but Mr. Bhansali, you've made life for me here in India pretty tough. The next time I get an event and introduce myself as a magician, people will look forward to me vanishing their wives and cutting them in half.
Ah well, guess I'll just have to change the perception of people. From the Indian rope trick to being able to tell what a person is thinking of, it's time Magic in India evolved.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Potter Mania -What interests me!

Lumos! "I solemnly swear that I'm upto no good." Well that may hold true for all of us, I'm sure none of us are hardly ever upto any good. So I saw part 1 of the Deathly Hallows today, absolutely amazing movie! But I'm not Rajeev Masand so if you want to read a re-view of it, go to his blog.
Anyways, if you've been kind enough to come here to read what interests me about Harry Potter, it is of course, Legilimency. In Snape's terms "The ability to extract feelings or memories from another persons mind." At least that's what the book says. Also the idea of Voldemort planting images in Harry's dream, really Inception like. As a matter of fact even I tried to do that. Not plant ideas by spying on people's dreams, but by putting words into your mouth based on the way I talk. For example "Just keep thinKing of different cards and land upon one", can force some to think of a King because the "King" part of thinking was emphasized. And looking deep into a persons eyes can't really tell what a person is thinking of, it's a combination of voice, body language and a bit of eyes and also facial expressions. So you won't see me flying around on a broom with a stick in my hand shouting out latin words which hardly make any sense.
Thats a whole lot of non sense I just came up with, off to facebooking, tweeting or going to watch Harry Potter. Off you go! Oh before you go, Accio followers!
"Mischief Managed", Nox! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lie to Me

Lie to Me, an interesting and widely popular daily soap which kids, adults and old men sitting on wheel chairs love to watch. Why? Simple reason being, it's natural human tendency to try and figure out when a person is lying to you. Lie to Me, in the show the main lead uses various techniques to try and figure out when a person is lying to him, a power or a skill most people would kill for, and when confronted for that killing, they'll probably lie and get caught by that person.
But really when you think of it, the "techniques" revealed in that show are probably fake. I mean how would you know that, that is exactly how a person reacts when he's telling a lie or something like that. The show is made for entertainment purposes, although spotting lies and "tells" isn't tough. There's a concept named "Neuro Linguistic Programming" which is used to spot lies, it uses the simple principle that a person looks in a certain direction while thinking of something.
It's common knowledge that a man looks you in the eye when he tells the truth. But think of this, ask him a series of questions and he looks in a certain direction to think of the answer before answering, but one time he'll look you right in the eye and say something. Because that's a lie! He answered without thinking, he knew he was going to say that all along.
That's a whole lot of lying right there...there are loads of other principles which for obvious reason I won't reveal for fear of being out of business. So I end this post with an excessively self content smile on my face and saying.. "Don't Lie to Me" ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Spooky Beings!

Switch off all your lights, close the door and enjoy a spooky ride. Just kidding, with the doors closed and lights off, you may stress your eyes so much looking at the screen that you may be the next person going to Ripley's Believe it or Not pushing your eyes out of their sockets. Thats a whole lot of non-sense right there, lets get down to business.
The one question, do ghosts exist? Is there someone behind you right now, reading my blog with you and smiling and saying to himself, "Muhuhahahahah, I exist you fool." Is there someone in your room every night with an evil grin on his face looking to steal your soul or open doors and drop chairs? My belief yes there might just be. If not over your shoulder or in your bed sheets at night somewhere in the world, there might just be. But is it possible to call spirits or interact with people from the other world? A big NO! And any psychic or medium is just trying to spook you out using a stupid Ouija board or table and pretending that a coin or glass is moving on its own, and the "sightings" of spirits during these pathetic Seances is utter non-sense. Click on the post title to see how the "Science of Scams" work.
Most of you may still stick by your beliefs of someone behind you reading the post and some of you will know better of not to be scared of these so called ghosts, because even if they are there, they don't effect people.
I leave you with one question, Do you believe in ghosts? I don't. ;)
Oh and by the way, if you read the post please be kind enough to go to the bottom right corner and start following me. And, do any of you watch Lie to Me, want to know how everything works? Wait for the next post. ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What makes them go "WOW!"

Now that I believe that some of you have been passionately reading my posts and have been waiting eagerly for next post, probably with a pre-ordered pizza to eat while reading... aah, who am I kidding, half the times I feel like I'm, writing for myself but it's still fun, because I really have nothing else to do when I do post utter non-sense on this page.
What makes a magic trick? What makes them go wow? What brings a big comical 'O' shape to the people's faces? It's not the trick, it's how you do it and if it's something out of the blue. If an XYZ batsman comes and scores 10,000 runs in test cricket, there will be a small bit about it in the papers and that's it because Sachin Tendulkar's already done that, on the hand if he exceeds Tendulkar the media will go crazy over that guy. Or if I start selling you 500ml Pepsi for 5 bucks, people will get the comical 'O' that I was talking about.
Doing a card trick doesn't impress people, everyone does that, on the other hand memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in under 10 seconds make them scream and go mad. Asking people to do something, not so amazing, putting things in their head and making them do something sub-consciously makes them run towards the door to put as much distance between them and me!
If you present something to someone like everyone does, people will appreciate it, but if you add interesting facts along the way to connect to the people, they'll respect you and will remember what you did even 10 years down the line!
So, be different(no I don't endorse Kissan's sauce whose punch line is "It's Different") but do things in a different way and you'll be respected.
By the way, just to finish of, do you believe in ghosts? If you don't wait for my next post, and if you do, wait for my next post. ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hypnotic Suggestions

Before you spend your precious time on my rather pointless blog, click on the title of the post. Go ahead click on it, don't read the post till you do. Done? Seen the video? Fallen back into your chair? Ha, then relax in it and continue reading, if you din't fall back into your chair, then sit down and then read the post, otherwise you might have a weird neck pain looking down and reading for which I don't take any responsibility.
How did I do that? Well anyone half interested in psychology or anyone with even half a brain might understand it, it was just my rather excellent presentation that made the video what it was....a runaway success! ;)
These techniques are used by doctors and psychiatrists to cure people of phobias and unexplainable pains. I used it to make you fall down, or at least make an attempt at it. Using this, I've attempted to make people forget their names, their address' and even in some cases, their gender(no I'm not a sexist). But the best part is seeing people fall around like a card castle one by one rolling on the floor, just goes to show how suggestible people are. Unfortunately, this can be used by con artists to scam you or rob you for your money, I do no such thing. So fight out any thing that a person who you don't know may suggest you to do and you may have an experience worth telling your grand kids, assuming of course that a con artist does try to rob you.
Now that most of you are educated and well read about Hypnotic Suggestions, go get on with your life, because I don't think you'll ever use these techniques. Thanks for the read, wait for the next one. ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Review

The ones who read the last post and felt hungry, go get your pop corn and Pepsi for this post,to the ones who didn't...READ IT! Over to the review of the performance I did yesterday. 33 people going gaga over a blindfolded girl holding an art file and moving a pen without actually knowing what she wrote and saying she was moved to tears. 32 people pointlessly screaming out a word in their heads to try and project to a person sitting with her eyes closed thinking that they why can't they just tell her aloud? Me throwing out newspapers like it was my old summer job only to have one word selected! This and a lot more added up to my performance yesterday!(click on the title for pictures)
Starting with the childish game of 20 questions, where I have to guess something in 20 yes or no questions to the not so childish subliminal messaging. Mail 3 10 14 11 and Today along with the subtle using of the word "Breakthrough" all added up to my subliminal message being "Mail Today, Page 14 word chosen Breakthrough!" and numbers being chosen, 3, 11 and 10 which when combined become 31110, which incidentally was the 3rd of the 11th 2010, yesterday's date! So much for one performance, but it was all worth it when I saw some people standing up and clapping and coming up to hug me and congratulate me! Ah well, so much for tramps and fans. Time to go shopping for Diwali and laugh out really loud at the self respecting 20-40 year olds who take pride in being very well read but have no idea how this little kid made a fool of them, I just hope the Madness of the secrets behind my effects remains Unseen or else I'll be the one moved to tears because of angry people with sticks outside my doorstep cursing me. Over to the next performance, The Enigma! See you all there ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Preview

It's the 1st of November 2010, so a very happy new month to all of you reading! For those people who have not had the pleasure to read this, I request the ones reading to wish them a very happy new month.
Good! Now that we've done away with all the kiddish non-sense, lets get down to business. So with just a little over 36 hours left in my performance, I have started giving out subliminal messages to the people I'm going to perform for, hoping that they're roaming around the social network to actually make the effort to read them, otherwise I would have been an awkward fool who updated the status just to read it myself and be excited about it, ah well, lets just hope that's not the case.
For those of you who don't know what subliminal messages are, they are small lines or images that convince you to do certain things that you might not do otherwise. Like a buy pop corn and Pepsi sign in the interval, makes some of us feel, "Why not have it?" and interestingly the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically ever since these signs started coming up.
Of course, my idea is not to convince people to have pop corn and Pepsi while I'm performing (that would make me hungry and them distracted). But my idea is to make them say certain words or select certain objects/cards or other things that even they don't know why they selected.
For any 20:20 employ reading,14 3 Today 10 11 and Mail. For anyone else reading, did that post make you feel like having pop corn or Pepsi or did it make you hungry at all? What about this, does me saying this make you feel hungry?
Ha, enough of late night blabber and sub conscious non-sense. See you next post, happy new month again. ;)