Monday, November 22, 2010

Guzaarish: The Magic in India!

So I saw Guzaarish yesterday, the apparent rip off of The Illusionist. Well, its not a rip off, the movie has a sad story and is beautifully made, but thats not the point, I'm not here to review movies, go pick up a newspaper or some other blog if you need a review.
The idea for me writing this post is the "Magic" in the movie. For anyone going to watch it for the magic, will be disappointed. Unlike The Prestige and The Illusionist, which had a class of awesome magic, Guzaarish just proves to the world and screams in their faces saying that the idea of Magic in India is still about cutting weird looking girls in half, making them fly while doing weird gestures and producing roses out of hats. As a magician, there's nothing more irritating than the fact that the movie outlines that Magic is about the secret, not the way the trick is done. Which is exactly the opposite of what it is. Anyone can do a trick, but getting the screams of shock from the spectators is what actually matters. There was just one line in the movie that said, "I think it's the applause that I miss the most", that makes me as a magician really happy. A person maybe be able to make an awesome power point presentation, but he may not be able to present it to people. It's EXACTLY the same with Magic.
I have nothing against the movie, it is as I said beautifully made, but Mr. Bhansali, you've made life for me here in India pretty tough. The next time I get an event and introduce myself as a magician, people will look forward to me vanishing their wives and cutting them in half.
Ah well, guess I'll just have to change the perception of people. From the Indian rope trick to being able to tell what a person is thinking of, it's time Magic in India evolved.