Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hypnotic Suggestions

Before you spend your precious time on my rather pointless blog, click on the title of the post. Go ahead click on it, don't read the post till you do. Done? Seen the video? Fallen back into your chair? Ha, then relax in it and continue reading, if you din't fall back into your chair, then sit down and then read the post, otherwise you might have a weird neck pain looking down and reading for which I don't take any responsibility.
How did I do that? Well anyone half interested in psychology or anyone with even half a brain might understand it, it was just my rather excellent presentation that made the video what it was....a runaway success! ;)
These techniques are used by doctors and psychiatrists to cure people of phobias and unexplainable pains. I used it to make you fall down, or at least make an attempt at it. Using this, I've attempted to make people forget their names, their address' and even in some cases, their gender(no I'm not a sexist). But the best part is seeing people fall around like a card castle one by one rolling on the floor, just goes to show how suggestible people are. Unfortunately, this can be used by con artists to scam you or rob you for your money, I do no such thing. So fight out any thing that a person who you don't know may suggest you to do and you may have an experience worth telling your grand kids, assuming of course that a con artist does try to rob you.
Now that most of you are educated and well read about Hypnotic Suggestions, go get on with your life, because I don't think you'll ever use these techniques. Thanks for the read, wait for the next one. ;)