Monday, November 29, 2010

Inception: Thought Projection Again!

Is it possible to project thoughts to someone? That to through a video? Go on click on the title of the blog, and come back. Go on click on it, watch the video and come back.
Excellent, did it work on you? How many of you reading ended up thinking of the four of diamonds? So IS IT possible to force someone to think of something? Is telepathy really getting ideas into someone's heads and making them do what you want them to do, well, I don't believe in telepathy and I guess most of you won't be people who believe in such retarded concepts. Telepathy isn't real, but subtly forcing someone to think of something is.
Watch the video again, see me making a diamond in the air when I talk about the card castle, see me holding up four fingers countless number of times in the video. Notice the subtle use of the sentence "The card castle falls down." What I actually say is, "The card castle fours down."
Also notice the last sentence , "Name it for me." It sounds like that but what I actually said is "Name it four me", while subtly flashing four fingers in front of you. Forcing the sub-conscious mind to think of certain details is exactly what telepathy in real life would be, some what Inception like.
Ah well, I just taught a method of mine on my blog, or did I? Is it exactly why you thought of the four of diamonds? Or is there a further science behind this scam? Well that's something for me to know and you to find out, something like the ending of the Inception. Of you go to see the video over and over again now, otherwise you'll be up at "four" in the morning trying to wonder what I did. Become a follower before you go! Cya ;)