Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lie to Me

Lie to Me, an interesting and widely popular daily soap which kids, adults and old men sitting on wheel chairs love to watch. Why? Simple reason being, it's natural human tendency to try and figure out when a person is lying to you. Lie to Me, in the show the main lead uses various techniques to try and figure out when a person is lying to him, a power or a skill most people would kill for, and when confronted for that killing, they'll probably lie and get caught by that person.
But really when you think of it, the "techniques" revealed in that show are probably fake. I mean how would you know that, that is exactly how a person reacts when he's telling a lie or something like that. The show is made for entertainment purposes, although spotting lies and "tells" isn't tough. There's a concept named "Neuro Linguistic Programming" which is used to spot lies, it uses the simple principle that a person looks in a certain direction while thinking of something.
It's common knowledge that a man looks you in the eye when he tells the truth. But think of this, ask him a series of questions and he looks in a certain direction to think of the answer before answering, but one time he'll look you right in the eye and say something. Because that's a lie! He answered without thinking, he knew he was going to say that all along.
That's a whole lot of lying right there...there are loads of other principles which for obvious reason I won't reveal for fear of being out of business. So I end this post with an excessively self content smile on my face and saying.. "Don't Lie to Me" ;)