Monday, November 1, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Preview

It's the 1st of November 2010, so a very happy new month to all of you reading! For those people who have not had the pleasure to read this, I request the ones reading to wish them a very happy new month.
Good! Now that we've done away with all the kiddish non-sense, lets get down to business. So with just a little over 36 hours left in my performance, I have started giving out subliminal messages to the people I'm going to perform for, hoping that they're roaming around the social network to actually make the effort to read them, otherwise I would have been an awkward fool who updated the status just to read it myself and be excited about it, ah well, lets just hope that's not the case.
For those of you who don't know what subliminal messages are, they are small lines or images that convince you to do certain things that you might not do otherwise. Like a buy pop corn and Pepsi sign in the interval, makes some of us feel, "Why not have it?" and interestingly the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically ever since these signs started coming up.
Of course, my idea is not to convince people to have pop corn and Pepsi while I'm performing (that would make me hungry and them distracted). But my idea is to make them say certain words or select certain objects/cards or other things that even they don't know why they selected.
For any 20:20 employ reading,14 3 Today 10 11 and Mail. For anyone else reading, did that post make you feel like having pop corn or Pepsi or did it make you hungry at all? What about this, does me saying this make you feel hungry?
Ha, enough of late night blabber and sub conscious non-sense. See you next post, happy new month again. ;)