Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madness of The Unseen : Review

The ones who read the last post and felt hungry, go get your pop corn and Pepsi for this post,to the ones who didn't...READ IT! Over to the review of the performance I did yesterday. 33 people going gaga over a blindfolded girl holding an art file and moving a pen without actually knowing what she wrote and saying she was moved to tears. 32 people pointlessly screaming out a word in their heads to try and project to a person sitting with her eyes closed thinking that they why can't they just tell her aloud? Me throwing out newspapers like it was my old summer job only to have one word selected! This and a lot more added up to my performance yesterday!(click on the title for pictures)
Starting with the childish game of 20 questions, where I have to guess something in 20 yes or no questions to the not so childish subliminal messaging. Mail 3 10 14 11 and Today along with the subtle using of the word "Breakthrough" all added up to my subliminal message being "Mail Today, Page 14 word chosen Breakthrough!" and numbers being chosen, 3, 11 and 10 which when combined become 31110, which incidentally was the 3rd of the 11th 2010, yesterday's date! So much for one performance, but it was all worth it when I saw some people standing up and clapping and coming up to hug me and congratulate me! Ah well, so much for tramps and fans. Time to go shopping for Diwali and laugh out really loud at the self respecting 20-40 year olds who take pride in being very well read but have no idea how this little kid made a fool of them, I just hope the Madness of the secrets behind my effects remains Unseen or else I'll be the one moved to tears because of angry people with sticks outside my doorstep cursing me. Over to the next performance, The Enigma! See you all there ;)