Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STICK- What if you din't have legs?

The ability to walk, to run, to move from one place to another is something all of us take for granted. Is it possible to deprive someone of it? No offence to anyone with a fractured leg, sprained ankle or any other weird foot diseases that you may be suffering from.
So, I recently came across the idea of depriving someone the use of their feet. How you may ask? No, I don't use glue. Nor do I beat up a person black and blue so that he's unable to walk. It's a simple command, like a big banner outside a shop saying SALE can get girls to run into the shop to buy stuff that they think they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. The sign Happy Hours, gets guys to run in a bar just to get a free beer. Similarly, you can get it into someone's head that they won't be able to move, and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to move their feet.
Imagine being stuck to the ground and not being able to move? How weird a feeling would that be? But with a simple command of taking in a deep breath, the person who was apparently stuck to the ground can happily start jumping up and down in glee like a kid with a new lollipop.
Another little thought that fascinates me is what else can a human mind be forced to do, without it actually realizing that it's doing it? Rob a bank? Being led into believing that it's in a completely different place? Forced to agree to some stuff which it never believed in? Give away personal information?
Ah well, I hope all of you are by now, STUCK to my blog and are forced to believe that you're supposed to become a "follower." Thanks for the read, take in a deep breath, you are now officially UN-stuck from this page. Good-bye! ;)