Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What makes them go "WOW!"

Now that I believe that some of you have been passionately reading my posts and have been waiting eagerly for next post, probably with a pre-ordered pizza to eat while reading... aah, who am I kidding, half the times I feel like I'm, writing for myself but it's still fun, because I really have nothing else to do when I do post utter non-sense on this page.
What makes a magic trick? What makes them go wow? What brings a big comical 'O' shape to the people's faces? It's not the trick, it's how you do it and if it's something out of the blue. If an XYZ batsman comes and scores 10,000 runs in test cricket, there will be a small bit about it in the papers and that's it because Sachin Tendulkar's already done that, on the hand if he exceeds Tendulkar the media will go crazy over that guy. Or if I start selling you 500ml Pepsi for 5 bucks, people will get the comical 'O' that I was talking about.
Doing a card trick doesn't impress people, everyone does that, on the other hand memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in under 10 seconds make them scream and go mad. Asking people to do something, not so amazing, putting things in their head and making them do something sub-consciously makes them run towards the door to put as much distance between them and me!
If you present something to someone like everyone does, people will appreciate it, but if you add interesting facts along the way to connect to the people, they'll respect you and will remember what you did even 10 years down the line!
So, be different(no I don't endorse Kissan's sauce whose punch line is "It's Different") but do things in a different way and you'll be respected.
By the way, just to finish of, do you believe in ghosts? If you don't wait for my next post, and if you do, wait for my next post. ;)