Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year - Seriously?

So as another year comes to an end, I can bet 95% of you reading this are hoping that the next year treats you better than 2010. Well, it won't. Only because we tend to remember the terrible and pathetic feelings and happenings we had during the year and not the ones that made us elated and happy and made put a smile on our face. Having said all that, I really do hope next year is better than this one. Wow, I just contradicted my own statement. Anyways, thats what I usually do on my slightly pointless blog about weird obsessions which most of you find fascinating.
Anyways, tomorrow being new year's eve I plan to do something different, and no that does not mean sit at home and watch the year change on my watch... I plan to get 52 people in one room and play the childish game of, "Killer-Detective." Everyone picks up a card from a shuffled deck of cards and the one who ends up with the Ace of Spades is the killer and it's my job to catch the killer because I am the detective. Now anyone who is the killer will be fearful of being caught and will be slightly nervous and I simply have to pick up on that nervousness. Not quite as easy as it sounds. But it's like when a cop asks you to pull over and asks for your papers, you know you haven't done anything but because there's a cop in front of you, you tend to act all nervous as if you just ran someone over. Something similar will happen in this "trick" and bear in my mind the killer can't bribe me and get away like you can with a cop on the roads.
Anyways, there's a whole lot of pointless bullshit about my weirdly obsessive behavior. Go party and bring on the new year dancing, jumping, hugging, fainting, puking or whatever you plan to do. Just don't "kill" someone. Happy new year! ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Astonishment!

Well it's probably my last if not second from last post of the year, so have fun reading and don't hate me for anything I might have said during the year because, well, it was all good fun even if you din't think so.
So a very merry Christmas to all you beautiful and handsome and weird looking people. And a special shout out to my followers.....and for those of you who haven't clicked the "follow" button yet, I hope you din't get scared when a weird and excessively fat man in a red suit with an over large beard tried to push you into a bag to small, because I asked Santa for more followers on my blog. Quite a small wish compared to the BMW i asked for last year, which I still haven't gotten.
Wow, that has to be the longest and most pointless introduction on one of my posts. Anyways, for the last three days I have been all over the place getting into people's head and dancing with glee in mine as I saw them freak out. First day with Google, where a girl said that she'd hate to be in a relationship with me because she couldn't lie to me even one bit(I don't blame her really).
Next day with some people from my work place who have seen me N number of times but still can't get enough of me(I don't blame them either) and finally yesterday with people from my dad's work place who were jumping around trying to figure out how I read all their minds in less then a minute.
Well that's a nice way to spend Christmas, for me anyway. I hope all of you had a nice little week too, and were up at night waiting for a fat man to come out of a tiny chimney and stuff large things in a hanging sock. Anyways do have an awesome build up to new years eve. Off you go to check the gifts in your sock if you haven't already. Cya ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Close Up Astonishment - What really happens!

So, every week or two weeks I have, what magicians call a table hopping show. Going from table to table looking for people willing to see magic.  Well it's a kind of a bore sometimes, but the positive point of doing magic for people you're meeting for the first time is, if you get it wrong, you can always run in the opposite direction and never care about them, or just jump up on the table and start dancing kind of embarrassingly and give the people a laugh. (Kindly note that I have never done that, nor do I intend to).
Anyways, last night at one of these "shows" I had people going gaga over me reading their eyes, lips, ears, necks, toes and every other part of their body, which did make some people think that I was staring at them inappropriately...well at least I don't have to meet them again.
Within two hours I was being pulled from table to table and asked to read people's mind and see them scream and then politely asked to join them for a drink sometime later which both of us know will never happen. The guys, girls and well any other type of people who were there were definitely flabbergasted by my apparently phenomenal observation skills, and astounded that I could tell a person he was lying about something because his toe moved. Ah, well people will believe in anything.
Just like all of you reading believe that I can actually read your mind. Well it's good to keep you all guessing, and it's definitely fun to write pointless stuff here and get rid of my boredom for sometime. Off you all go to get up on your tables and dance, or just run in the opposite direction of your laptops, computers, tablets, phones, PSP's or Mac's or whatever you may use to read this non-sense. Cya! ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Subliminal Messaging - Get what you want!

So, how to get someone to say something? Is it even possible to get someone to say something that you want them to say? Quite definitely yes! Of course, techniques like these will not help you get a girl to go on a date with you or convince your parents to let you go for prom or something. But, it can be used to create near impossible "magic" effects.
Ever since the buy pop corn and Pepsi ads start popping up in intervals of movies, the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically! I came up with a technique which was something similar to make people say what you want them too. Go on see the video and listen carefully to what I say. Don't read on till you've seen the video. Now, did you figure out why he actually said 'Crackers.' Well, notice my subtle using of the word burst. I ask that guy to let a word burst into his head. And prior to this event I had spoken to this person to get the image of crackers into his head . Similarly, you can say the following to a person, 'Let different images sail through your mind, and don't get overboard on detail, and just land upon an image.' Subtly using the words sail, overboard and land get the image of a boat or a ship sailing on water into someone's head. Using of such techniques requires a lot of balls to do in front of a sell out crowd. I can't even begin to tell you how scared I was when I handed the mic to that guy to name the word that he was thinking of, what IF he din't say crackers? Well it turned out good enough.
So of you go to try some of these weirdly inappropriate sentences on your friends and see if they think of boats or ships or crackers without a reason. Have fun! ;) Tell me about the results!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Micro Expressions -2!

Well, my addiction to reading Micro Expressions has just gone through the roof, only if I was as dedicated to study, ah well. For those of you who watch Lie to Me will know that the almost god like figure of Cal Lightman aka Tim Roth can figure when someone's lying or what someone's feeling, even though major parts of it are crap, it still manages to grab eye balls! The parts which are possible are of course really tough to do! 7 long years of my dedication studying people's eyebrows, foreheads, lips, necks, hands and feet don't go finally don't go wasted because of this show.
Now, what really happens? Do micro expressions just help in determining when someone is lying? The answer, no! See the video I posted! Go on see it, as soon as she looks at her cards, see the corner of her right eye twitch, that usually means a picture card. See a smile come onto her face, usually meaning a red card. These expressions are really small and kind of hard to catch, I just guessed the King of hearts because I knew it was a heart because of her nostrils flaring a bit! I just took a shot with the king! Also see the bottom left corner of her lip curling when I say 10. And an awkward smile on the number 8! On 2, her ear did a weird twitch not visible on the camera and on 3, if you watch closely you see the slightest movement of her thumb! Well, that just makes me a really scary person and for those of you tempted to throw your laptops or tablets or monitors away in shock of my awesome observation skills, kindly refrain from doing so, you'll break a perfectly good gadget. Oh by the way, does the blog look slightly better with the pictures and all? Thanks for the read! Have an awesome mid of the month party! ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Micro Expressions!

So of late, I've been obsessing over micro expressions and what happens to people the moment they see something. Expressions for fear, anger, happiness, sadness, surprise, contempt and disgust. Combine that with body movements and Neuro Linguistic Programming and a bit of suggestions and hypnosis, and you get.. me, quite a dangerous person to be around. :P
Click on the title to see these techniques in practice.
So what exactly did I see there? I said that in the video, but for those of you who didn't catch it, here it is again. The moment she saw the cards, her right eye twitched, that generally can mean a picture card. Also, her right shoulder had the tinniest shrugs, meaning she had two similar cards. That was coupled with a small intake of breath, usually indicating strength. So that made me think that the picture card might make a pair. And I said out loud, King, Queen and Jack to see her reactions to that. On the king and queen she had movements and on the jack she din't move at all, that happened naturally and I guessed two Jacks. For the number though I guessed three instead of seven, well I'm just learning, can't get it perfect every time now can I?
So all you 'Lie to Me' fans are going gaga right now waiting to try all this..well best of luck, it just took me 7 years to do it decently. ;)
All I can say is, don't even move a toenail when I am around..because I might just see that too. ;)
Off you go, go on, go lie to the world but not to me. :P

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Wicked goes Unseen: Preview

So it's the first post of the last month of the year. A very happy new month to all you beautiful people kind enough to be reading. For those of you not reading, I request the ones reading to go tell them how awesome my blog is. :p
Anyways, now that we're done away with the kind of behavior that 6 year olds do, lets get on. So, two days from now I have perhaps one of my biggest performance till date. I have had an audience of 500 or so people before in school and college, but that was just a 5-10 minute show, this time around I'll be performing for 500 people, for an hour. Something I'm looking forward to a lot. 500 unknown people looking up at me having no idea what this kid is going to do, an hour later, the same 500 people will hopefully be looking at each other wondering how the hell did this kid do what he did. ;)
What do I plan to do? Well, think of my two favorite performances, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Madness of the Unseen. Then take the most awesome parts of the two, and make way for........ Something Wicked goes Unseen!! Something Wicked, which had subtle forces, AND had predictions of the whole show at the end. Madness of the Unseen on the other hand used subliminal messaging, combine the two and you have an hour long piece of the most awesome magic I have ever done in my life, and THAT is saying something.
Well I hope my wickedness doesn't go unseen, and I get the ovation I'm hoping for. Wish me luck, bbye. Of you go to the unseen parts of your lives and see what wickedness lies there. Oh and by the way, the name for my show is also a subliminal message. Cya. ;)
PS: Click on the post title to see images of my shows!