Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Astonishment!

Well it's probably my last if not second from last post of the year, so have fun reading and don't hate me for anything I might have said during the year because, well, it was all good fun even if you din't think so.
So a very merry Christmas to all you beautiful and handsome and weird looking people. And a special shout out to my followers.....and for those of you who haven't clicked the "follow" button yet, I hope you din't get scared when a weird and excessively fat man in a red suit with an over large beard tried to push you into a bag to small, because I asked Santa for more followers on my blog. Quite a small wish compared to the BMW i asked for last year, which I still haven't gotten.
Wow, that has to be the longest and most pointless introduction on one of my posts. Anyways, for the last three days I have been all over the place getting into people's head and dancing with glee in mine as I saw them freak out. First day with Google, where a girl said that she'd hate to be in a relationship with me because she couldn't lie to me even one bit(I don't blame her really).
Next day with some people from my work place who have seen me N number of times but still can't get enough of me(I don't blame them either) and finally yesterday with people from my dad's work place who were jumping around trying to figure out how I read all their minds in less then a minute.
Well that's a nice way to spend Christmas, for me anyway. I hope all of you had a nice little week too, and were up at night waiting for a fat man to come out of a tiny chimney and stuff large things in a hanging sock. Anyways do have an awesome build up to new years eve. Off you go to check the gifts in your sock if you haven't already. Cya ;)