Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Close Up Astonishment - What really happens!

So, every week or two weeks I have, what magicians call a table hopping show. Going from table to table looking for people willing to see magic.  Well it's a kind of a bore sometimes, but the positive point of doing magic for people you're meeting for the first time is, if you get it wrong, you can always run in the opposite direction and never care about them, or just jump up on the table and start dancing kind of embarrassingly and give the people a laugh. (Kindly note that I have never done that, nor do I intend to).
Anyways, last night at one of these "shows" I had people going gaga over me reading their eyes, lips, ears, necks, toes and every other part of their body, which did make some people think that I was staring at them inappropriately...well at least I don't have to meet them again.
Within two hours I was being pulled from table to table and asked to read people's mind and see them scream and then politely asked to join them for a drink sometime later which both of us know will never happen. The guys, girls and well any other type of people who were there were definitely flabbergasted by my apparently phenomenal observation skills, and astounded that I could tell a person he was lying about something because his toe moved. Ah, well people will believe in anything.
Just like all of you reading believe that I can actually read your mind. Well it's good to keep you all guessing, and it's definitely fun to write pointless stuff here and get rid of my boredom for sometime. Off you all go to get up on your tables and dance, or just run in the opposite direction of your laptops, computers, tablets, phones, PSP's or Mac's or whatever you may use to read this non-sense. Cya! ;)