Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Micro Expressions -2!

Well, my addiction to reading Micro Expressions has just gone through the roof, only if I was as dedicated to study, ah well. For those of you who watch Lie to Me will know that the almost god like figure of Cal Lightman aka Tim Roth can figure when someone's lying or what someone's feeling, even though major parts of it are crap, it still manages to grab eye balls! The parts which are possible are of course really tough to do! 7 long years of my dedication studying people's eyebrows, foreheads, lips, necks, hands and feet don't go finally don't go wasted because of this show.
Now, what really happens? Do micro expressions just help in determining when someone is lying? The answer, no! See the video I posted! Go on see it, as soon as she looks at her cards, see the corner of her right eye twitch, that usually means a picture card. See a smile come onto her face, usually meaning a red card. These expressions are really small and kind of hard to catch, I just guessed the King of hearts because I knew it was a heart because of her nostrils flaring a bit! I just took a shot with the king! Also see the bottom left corner of her lip curling when I say 10. And an awkward smile on the number 8! On 2, her ear did a weird twitch not visible on the camera and on 3, if you watch closely you see the slightest movement of her thumb! Well, that just makes me a really scary person and for those of you tempted to throw your laptops or tablets or monitors away in shock of my awesome observation skills, kindly refrain from doing so, you'll break a perfectly good gadget. Oh by the way, does the blog look slightly better with the pictures and all? Thanks for the read! Have an awesome mid of the month party! ;)