Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year - Seriously?

So as another year comes to an end, I can bet 95% of you reading this are hoping that the next year treats you better than 2010. Well, it won't. Only because we tend to remember the terrible and pathetic feelings and happenings we had during the year and not the ones that made us elated and happy and made put a smile on our face. Having said all that, I really do hope next year is better than this one. Wow, I just contradicted my own statement. Anyways, thats what I usually do on my slightly pointless blog about weird obsessions which most of you find fascinating.
Anyways, tomorrow being new year's eve I plan to do something different, and no that does not mean sit at home and watch the year change on my watch... I plan to get 52 people in one room and play the childish game of, "Killer-Detective." Everyone picks up a card from a shuffled deck of cards and the one who ends up with the Ace of Spades is the killer and it's my job to catch the killer because I am the detective. Now anyone who is the killer will be fearful of being caught and will be slightly nervous and I simply have to pick up on that nervousness. Not quite as easy as it sounds. But it's like when a cop asks you to pull over and asks for your papers, you know you haven't done anything but because there's a cop in front of you, you tend to act all nervous as if you just ran someone over. Something similar will happen in this "trick" and bear in my mind the killer can't bribe me and get away like you can with a cop on the roads.
Anyways, there's a whole lot of pointless bullshit about my weirdly obsessive behavior. Go party and bring on the new year dancing, jumping, hugging, fainting, puking or whatever you plan to do. Just don't "kill" someone. Happy new year! ;)