Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something Wicked goes Unseen: Preview

So it's the first post of the last month of the year. A very happy new month to all you beautiful people kind enough to be reading. For those of you not reading, I request the ones reading to go tell them how awesome my blog is. :p
Anyways, now that we're done away with the kind of behavior that 6 year olds do, lets get on. So, two days from now I have perhaps one of my biggest performance till date. I have had an audience of 500 or so people before in school and college, but that was just a 5-10 minute show, this time around I'll be performing for 500 people, for an hour. Something I'm looking forward to a lot. 500 unknown people looking up at me having no idea what this kid is going to do, an hour later, the same 500 people will hopefully be looking at each other wondering how the hell did this kid do what he did. ;)
What do I plan to do? Well, think of my two favorite performances, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Madness of the Unseen. Then take the most awesome parts of the two, and make way for........ Something Wicked goes Unseen!! Something Wicked, which had subtle forces, AND had predictions of the whole show at the end. Madness of the Unseen on the other hand used subliminal messaging, combine the two and you have an hour long piece of the most awesome magic I have ever done in my life, and THAT is saying something.
Well I hope my wickedness doesn't go unseen, and I get the ovation I'm hoping for. Wish me luck, bbye. Of you go to the unseen parts of your lives and see what wickedness lies there. Oh and by the way, the name for my show is also a subliminal message. Cya. ;)
PS: Click on the post title to see images of my shows!