Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Subliminal Messaging - Get what you want!

So, how to get someone to say something? Is it even possible to get someone to say something that you want them to say? Quite definitely yes! Of course, techniques like these will not help you get a girl to go on a date with you or convince your parents to let you go for prom or something. But, it can be used to create near impossible "magic" effects.
Ever since the buy pop corn and Pepsi ads start popping up in intervals of movies, the sale of these movie snacks went up drastically! I came up with a technique which was something similar to make people say what you want them too. Go on see the video and listen carefully to what I say. Don't read on till you've seen the video. Now, did you figure out why he actually said 'Crackers.' Well, notice my subtle using of the word burst. I ask that guy to let a word burst into his head. And prior to this event I had spoken to this person to get the image of crackers into his head . Similarly, you can say the following to a person, 'Let different images sail through your mind, and don't get overboard on detail, and just land upon an image.' Subtly using the words sail, overboard and land get the image of a boat or a ship sailing on water into someone's head. Using of such techniques requires a lot of balls to do in front of a sell out crowd. I can't even begin to tell you how scared I was when I handed the mic to that guy to name the word that he was thinking of, what IF he din't say crackers? Well it turned out good enough.
So of you go to try some of these weirdly inappropriate sentences on your friends and see if they think of boats or ships or crackers without a reason. Have fun! ;) Tell me about the results!