Monday, January 31, 2011

Memorizing a Dictionary!

Look around your room and see an object. Do it now. I can bet that most of you looked towards your right and picked a brightly colored object, now knowing this when you look again, you'll look to your left and choose something obscure. Okay stop acting like a child now and read the post.
The ones who came here thinking, "He memorized a dictionary? He actually memorized a dictionary? Does that make him the smartest person on the planet?" Well a bit of yes and a bit more of no. I leave that for you to decide. But before you continue reading, watch the video! Proof of me "memorizing" the dictionary! Bear in mind that she is NOT an actor or a stooge or set up in any way.
How did I do that? Well, it's something known as photographic memory which most of you will be familiar of but using it is slightly complex. Because photographic memory isn't enough.There are various other techniques involved but obviously I can't reveal everything to you, or else I'll be worthless. ;) For those of you interested however there are memory enhancing books and videos which can help you with memorizing large batches of information if you genuinely practice the skill.
Well is that really how I memorized a dictionary? Did I even memorize the dictionary? Or did I just force her to think of beer and I just knew the position of that word in the dictionary? If that's the case then how did I force her to think of beer? Well I'll leave that to you to decide. Over 10 billion words in the English language, is it possible to remember all of them in alphabetical order? Is it even possible to make someone to think of one of those 10 billion words?
I guess this "trick" will always be filled with questions. Do remember to become a follower before you go. Cya ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Horoscope.. Oh wait Horrorscope!

Your love life will prosper, there may be some problems at your work place but nothing that a positive attitude can't solve. There may be some problems with your family but it's just a phase. This is what my horoscope from some newspaper says today. And if I had to reply to them after reading this, I would say..."Do me a favor, and do yourself a favor of getting a job." Why? Because, I don't have a love life (Yes all you ladies can start partying :P) I work as an intern, what possible problem could have happened? And what can't a positive attitude not solve? And who doesn't get screamed at, at home. Also read through the horoscope again, the first sentence is positive, then negative, then again positive and then again negative. They can't seem to decide what my day will be like.
Also, for those of you pleasing yourself by thinking that some sweet angel writes up a horoscope for you everyday, well to disappoint you, the reading for Cancer on a particular day may be word to word similar to Pisces on another day. Who has the time to write a new horoscope everyday?
Also a new revelation says that there is a 13th sun sign applicable to all born from 2009. What's going to happen next? We're going to have 13 months for people born in 2012? Or 48 hours a day for everyone under the age of 10? The astrologers, palm readers, tarot card readers, parrot card readers and other weird future telling "machines" may be extremely skilled in what they do, in my opinion it's a load of crap that make up the day of a lonely person (no offence to anyone who believes in all this.)
Horoscope.. for me it'll always be "horrorscope," just the thought of it scares me. And as I end a comparatively long post of mine, all I have to say is, lets look into the future and see ourselves reading my next post. Cya ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well I've been performing for a pretty long time pleasing and displeasing the spectators. I've been appreciated and abused, seen faces of shock and have been laughed at, talked to and talked about, given a standing ovation and been slapped for being a terrible magician, and the only thing that gets me going is the thought, what the hell could possibly happen next? Well, thats not the truth, at least not the complete truth. I've never been slapped for being a terrible magician, rest of it... well it's kind of true, I just thought all of that together made up for a nice little intro.
Enough of monkeying around, in 5 days from now, I'm performing for 1500 people! A large enough number to represent the total number of people I've ever performed for..put together! And I surely can not wait for it to come. I'll come up with my review for it when I get back from the performance.
And what else have I been doing? Well, I've been "Memorizing" the oxford dictionary, been working on hypnosis, which includes a video which might make u stick to your seats/sofas/beds/pots or whatever you may be sitting on to watch my video. Also a mind boggling effect where I "guess" the name of the first person you had a crush on when you where young.
Loads of new stuff this year, and even more pointless random blog posts which you the reader may or may not enjoy and send me fan or hate mail or nothing at all because you don't even understand what I write most of the times but are fascinated by my non-sense.
Bye bye now, I'll get back to the highlights of a 12 year old cricket match, I suggest you find something better to do. Cya ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year: Preview

It's the start of another year. Happy New Year to everyone who are sweet enough to read this post. Clearly you din't get drunk enough, if you had, I doubt you would be sane enough to read this on the first day of the year. Clearly I'm one of the sane people, or shall we say that most of you are so tired of partying that you rather sit at home and read stuff which doesn't make much sense. Well in both cases, happy reading!
So it's the 1st of the 1st of '11. That's 1/1/11, four aces to start the year, is there a better way? Well of course, drinking and dancing and jumping like monkeys at 12am is, but later in the day, what beats four aces?
Wow, there's one thing that hasn't changed in this pointing out pointless stuff and thinking of myself as a genius. Anyways, what can you expect from me in this year? Apart from the pointless blabber and self appreciation that is? Hypnosis, imagine falling into a deep trance and being asked to do things at my command. Something people all over the world fear, yet it is somehow unbelievably sexy. Imagine being stuck to the ground and thinking of something and you have no idea why you thought that? Imagine falling on the ground without realizing why that happened, or even forgetting your name in the blink of an eye?
Enough of my "pointless blabber", more on hypnosis later. For now go have a hangover party to celebrate the first day.
Oh, by the way, any one ever wonder why the whole world anticipates the 1st of every year so eagerly but as soon as the date comes, they burst a couple of crackers and go home drunk? Hold that thought till next post, cya ;)