Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well I've been performing for a pretty long time pleasing and displeasing the spectators. I've been appreciated and abused, seen faces of shock and have been laughed at, talked to and talked about, given a standing ovation and been slapped for being a terrible magician, and the only thing that gets me going is the thought, what the hell could possibly happen next? Well, thats not the truth, at least not the complete truth. I've never been slapped for being a terrible magician, rest of it... well it's kind of true, I just thought all of that together made up for a nice little intro.
Enough of monkeying around, in 5 days from now, I'm performing for 1500 people! A large enough number to represent the total number of people I've ever performed for..put together! And I surely can not wait for it to come. I'll come up with my review for it when I get back from the performance.
And what else have I been doing? Well, I've been "Memorizing" the oxford dictionary, been working on hypnosis, which includes a video which might make u stick to your seats/sofas/beds/pots or whatever you may be sitting on to watch my video. Also a mind boggling effect where I "guess" the name of the first person you had a crush on when you where young.
Loads of new stuff this year, and even more pointless random blog posts which you the reader may or may not enjoy and send me fan or hate mail or nothing at all because you don't even understand what I write most of the times but are fascinated by my non-sense.
Bye bye now, I'll get back to the highlights of a 12 year old cricket match, I suggest you find something better to do. Cya ;)