Monday, January 17, 2011

Horoscope.. Oh wait Horrorscope!

Your love life will prosper, there may be some problems at your work place but nothing that a positive attitude can't solve. There may be some problems with your family but it's just a phase. This is what my horoscope from some newspaper says today. And if I had to reply to them after reading this, I would say..."Do me a favor, and do yourself a favor of getting a job." Why? Because, I don't have a love life (Yes all you ladies can start partying :P) I work as an intern, what possible problem could have happened? And what can't a positive attitude not solve? And who doesn't get screamed at, at home. Also read through the horoscope again, the first sentence is positive, then negative, then again positive and then again negative. They can't seem to decide what my day will be like.
Also, for those of you pleasing yourself by thinking that some sweet angel writes up a horoscope for you everyday, well to disappoint you, the reading for Cancer on a particular day may be word to word similar to Pisces on another day. Who has the time to write a new horoscope everyday?
Also a new revelation says that there is a 13th sun sign applicable to all born from 2009. What's going to happen next? We're going to have 13 months for people born in 2012? Or 48 hours a day for everyone under the age of 10? The astrologers, palm readers, tarot card readers, parrot card readers and other weird future telling "machines" may be extremely skilled in what they do, in my opinion it's a load of crap that make up the day of a lonely person (no offence to anyone who believes in all this.)
Horoscope.. for me it'll always be "horrorscope," just the thought of it scares me. And as I end a comparatively long post of mine, all I have to say is, lets look into the future and see ourselves reading my next post. Cya ;)