Monday, January 31, 2011

Memorizing a Dictionary!

Look around your room and see an object. Do it now. I can bet that most of you looked towards your right and picked a brightly colored object, now knowing this when you look again, you'll look to your left and choose something obscure. Okay stop acting like a child now and read the post.
The ones who came here thinking, "He memorized a dictionary? He actually memorized a dictionary? Does that make him the smartest person on the planet?" Well a bit of yes and a bit more of no. I leave that for you to decide. But before you continue reading, watch the video! Proof of me "memorizing" the dictionary! Bear in mind that she is NOT an actor or a stooge or set up in any way.
How did I do that? Well, it's something known as photographic memory which most of you will be familiar of but using it is slightly complex. Because photographic memory isn't enough.There are various other techniques involved but obviously I can't reveal everything to you, or else I'll be worthless. ;) For those of you interested however there are memory enhancing books and videos which can help you with memorizing large batches of information if you genuinely practice the skill.
Well is that really how I memorized a dictionary? Did I even memorize the dictionary? Or did I just force her to think of beer and I just knew the position of that word in the dictionary? If that's the case then how did I force her to think of beer? Well I'll leave that to you to decide. Over 10 billion words in the English language, is it possible to remember all of them in alphabetical order? Is it even possible to make someone to think of one of those 10 billion words?
I guess this "trick" will always be filled with questions. Do remember to become a follower before you go. Cya ;)