Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year: Preview

It's the start of another year. Happy New Year to everyone who are sweet enough to read this post. Clearly you din't get drunk enough, if you had, I doubt you would be sane enough to read this on the first day of the year. Clearly I'm one of the sane people, or shall we say that most of you are so tired of partying that you rather sit at home and read stuff which doesn't make much sense. Well in both cases, happy reading!
So it's the 1st of the 1st of '11. That's 1/1/11, four aces to start the year, is there a better way? Well of course, drinking and dancing and jumping like monkeys at 12am is, but later in the day, what beats four aces?
Wow, there's one thing that hasn't changed in this pointing out pointless stuff and thinking of myself as a genius. Anyways, what can you expect from me in this year? Apart from the pointless blabber and self appreciation that is? Hypnosis, imagine falling into a deep trance and being asked to do things at my command. Something people all over the world fear, yet it is somehow unbelievably sexy. Imagine being stuck to the ground and thinking of something and you have no idea why you thought that? Imagine falling on the ground without realizing why that happened, or even forgetting your name in the blink of an eye?
Enough of my "pointless blabber", more on hypnosis later. For now go have a hangover party to celebrate the first day.
Oh, by the way, any one ever wonder why the whole world anticipates the 1st of every year so eagerly but as soon as the date comes, they burst a couple of crackers and go home drunk? Hold that thought till next post, cya ;)