Monday, February 28, 2011

Derren Brown: The Inspiration

I was 13 and half years old, two years into doing kids magic when I went on to Google and searched mind reading. A guy with a goatee and a British accent came up getting into people's heads and telling them what they're thinking, claiming to use, "Magic, Suggestion, Psychology, Misdirection and Showmanship." And that was it, I got addicted to him like no other magician or illusionist. No David Blaine or Houdini could have an effect Derren Brown did on me. I saw everything he'd ever done over and over and over again, and I still do. Every night before I sleep (not meaning to sound gay), I watch Derren Brown performing. Every morning the first thing I do when I switch on my laptop, I watch Derren Brown. Even when I know how he's doing what he does, I go mad because of the sheer awesomeness of his performance. Sir, if you're kind enough to be reading, you're the greatest inspiration someone into psychological illusions could hope for.
When I saw Derren perform, it changed my approach to magic too. I stopped doing the card and coin "tricks" I used to do like every other magician on the planet and I took up mind reading too. Reading books on lie detection, micro expressions, hypnosis, NLP, subliminal messaging and other complicated blabber which made me what I am today...a reasonably famous guy among my peers and... well hopefully a successful psychological illusionist in the near future.
So as I end a slightly serious and non-magical post of mine, I would like to give a HUGE shout of "Happy Birthday" to Derren Brown, you're the greatest performer to walk god's non green Earth! You definitely know our minds better then we do, may you always be the awesome and hilarious guy I've grown up watching.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Youtube and the Money!

Two weeks ago, I was handsome enough to be approved as a Youtube partner! And no that doesn't mean that I have a share in the profits Youtube earns (you have to be a different level of handsome to get that). Anyways, being a Youtube partner means that my videos have now got what you call "ads" on them. Ads are those little annoying things near the bottom of the video which prevent us from seeing the whole shot of the video. Well those annoying little things help in generating revenue for Google and for the people too!
Because every time someone clicks on those ads, Youtube gets paid AND wait for it.... So do I! That basically means that I'm fast evolving into a soon to be 20 year old geek who earns his living of smug guess work portrayed on his Youtube videos which has unpaid actors according to the people who don't believe in his astonishing talents.  Well to those people I say, those people are NOT actors. I'll stay silent on the smug guess work part though.
So the revenue I generate through my Youtube videos and other mind reading performances, where does that go? Well if my dad had his way, it would be in a long term low yield bond, which promises to make me a billionaire by the time I'm 150 years old (Yes it IS long term). But what I plan to do with it is... well I'll keep that a mystery for now, because I do have BIG plans for it.
As always thank you for wasting your pointless time on my precious little blog...or your precious time on my pointless little blog, it kind of works both ways. If you like my posts, get your extended family to read them too along with your dogs, cats, fish, rat, turtles, horses, giraffe, hamsters, sea horses or whatever you may keep as a pet. Make a fake id for them and post comments in their language on my blog. I'd like to see someone other than me barking on this page too. Anyways, got to go now, I have things to do except for magic.
PS: For anyone interested, my Youtube channel is illusionmagic19.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hold em or Fold em!

Think of a poker hand, not something awesome like aces or kings, but a good hand, not your lucky hand, but a good hand and not a pocket pair, keep that in your head and read on.
Check. Call. Raise. ALL IN! Some people gamble, some have skill, but what if you could know each and every time what the other person is holding? You would never ever lose, unless of course you are the unluckiest person on the planet. There are times while playing when you have a rough idea whether the person is bluffing or actually has a hand, but it's really hard to guess exactly. Yet somehow is it possible to tell what exactly the person has?
Well there are a few things that I have learnt and observed that have helped me to figure out what the other person might have, and it is usually right. Some things that I have noticed and help me are :
1) Chest out, shoulders raised, upright posture - Awesome cards, do yourself a favor, save your money and throw your cards in the muck before you're on the road dancing around hoping to get money.
2) Uneasiness - Look at the person, not the flop. The flop will be there later, his first expression won't be. Any uneasiness in the person or any unnatural movements will mean he has good cards or hit something.
3) Unusual breathing - One word.. bluff! If you see a person breathing to fast, call him or raise him and win the big bucks even if you have cards that won't even help in winning you a recharge.
4) Swallow : Nervousness leads to people swallowing their own spit, and nervousness happens when they are bluffing, stare at the person's Adam's apple to see if he swallows, if he does, it's a bluff!
5) Left eye flickering: If you ever see a person's eye flickering for no apparent reason, throw your cards away, instantly! Because that person is holding a monster!
The sixth and the most important rule is, don't play poker with me, you might as well tear your cards and throw them in the dustbin or be robbed by a nineteen year old "mind reader." Also this rule applies because this nineteen year old mind reader, a.k.a me, doesn't want to get addicted to poker again, or else he'll end up doing tricks based on poker on his shows to get weird looks from people who have no idea how the game is played and can't quite understand why the kid in front of them is talking in gibberish.
Oh one more thing, how many of you forgot about the fact that you were supposed to have a poker hand in you head as you read the post? Now that you remembered, how many of you were thinking of ace king or ace queen?
Enough of poker, the mind control device is ready, I must go test it on my tiny little goldfish and see if it's appropriate to use on humans too. (For those of you who din't get it, that was a terrible attempt at a joke, there is no such thing as a mind control device and obviously I don't own a goldfish)!
Thank you for reading though, I hope all your pots are monsters and all your cards aces.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Histrionica - Why was Nothing Random

Well, I tried being funny, I tried being scary, I tried getting into heads and planting ideas into them and taking stuff out of them (not literally) and I sort of succeeded. Some people who thought I used "actors" or "stooges" or "plants" in any way, I didn't. Everything can be done with everyone live. 
And as I came out of, I was surrounded by 10-15 people wanting to "inspect" my apparent "props," but obviously the tiny intelligent part of me had hidden everything that might have revealed how I did anything. 
Starting with an attempt at hypnosis, which people din't buy. To those skeptics I say, "Call me anytime when you want to be 'hypnotized' and be stuck to the ground or have your eyes stuck to their sockets and other weird random things that you might end up doing." To the non-skeptics I say, "I wonder why you believe in any lie I come up with!" ;)
I followed up hypnosis with a little lying game in which some people may have been inappropriately be embarrassed by having a "walk of shame" or blushing because of being caught lying and looking like tomatoes. My apologies to you if you are kind enough to be reading.
 I ended up with something which I won't reveal for the obvious reason that I plan to do a similar performance in other DU colleges too and I wouldn't want to spoil it for them. For those of you who were there, NOTHING was RANDOM! Oh and 10211, I doubt the ones who were there would forget this number. Thanks once again for the awesome experience to all who were there. Thanks Udai, Saativka (hope I spelt it right), Jenifer (hope I spelt this right too), Kanika and everyone else who was a part of organizing the event!
I shall now return to being pointless, I suggest you do the same. ;) 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Histrionica - Nothing is Random!

On the 9th of this month, I will be performing in SRCC for their Dramatics Society's fest and as the event's name is Histrionica, I thought it would be apt for me to name my performance that too. For those of you who are not from India or Delhi for that matter and are kind enough to be reading this post, SRCC is a college in Delhi University and that's where I'll be performing.
For those of you who are wondering what I will be doing, well you'll get to know on the 9th, if you're not there then there's always a review of performance coming as one of my posts. At least that's what I hope. The main motive of Histrionica for me is to prove that NOTHING is random, as human beings we can all be influenced. 
For example there are 10 billion words in the English language, and if I want a person to name a particular word, the chances of him naming what I want would be one in 10 billion. Which is an interesting statistic, if you are a healthy middle aged man, the chances of you dying over the next year are one in a thousand, so the chances of you dying in the next minute are one in a billion. So there's more chances of you dying ten times then a random person naming a word I want him to name. BUT, nothing is random! Everyone can be influenced, and everything has a reason. And that's what I'm going to prove, interested? Be there. 9th of February, 12:30 pm! Bring On the Magic ;)