Monday, February 28, 2011

Derren Brown: The Inspiration

I was 13 and half years old, two years into doing kids magic when I went on to Google and searched mind reading. A guy with a goatee and a British accent came up getting into people's heads and telling them what they're thinking, claiming to use, "Magic, Suggestion, Psychology, Misdirection and Showmanship." And that was it, I got addicted to him like no other magician or illusionist. No David Blaine or Houdini could have an effect Derren Brown did on me. I saw everything he'd ever done over and over and over again, and I still do. Every night before I sleep (not meaning to sound gay), I watch Derren Brown performing. Every morning the first thing I do when I switch on my laptop, I watch Derren Brown. Even when I know how he's doing what he does, I go mad because of the sheer awesomeness of his performance. Sir, if you're kind enough to be reading, you're the greatest inspiration someone into psychological illusions could hope for.
When I saw Derren perform, it changed my approach to magic too. I stopped doing the card and coin "tricks" I used to do like every other magician on the planet and I took up mind reading too. Reading books on lie detection, micro expressions, hypnosis, NLP, subliminal messaging and other complicated blabber which made me what I am today...a reasonably famous guy among my peers and... well hopefully a successful psychological illusionist in the near future.
So as I end a slightly serious and non-magical post of mine, I would like to give a HUGE shout of "Happy Birthday" to Derren Brown, you're the greatest performer to walk god's non green Earth! You definitely know our minds better then we do, may you always be the awesome and hilarious guy I've grown up watching.