Thursday, February 10, 2011

Histrionica - Why was Nothing Random

Well, I tried being funny, I tried being scary, I tried getting into heads and planting ideas into them and taking stuff out of them (not literally) and I sort of succeeded. Some people who thought I used "actors" or "stooges" or "plants" in any way, I didn't. Everything can be done with everyone live. 
And as I came out of, I was surrounded by 10-15 people wanting to "inspect" my apparent "props," but obviously the tiny intelligent part of me had hidden everything that might have revealed how I did anything. 
Starting with an attempt at hypnosis, which people din't buy. To those skeptics I say, "Call me anytime when you want to be 'hypnotized' and be stuck to the ground or have your eyes stuck to their sockets and other weird random things that you might end up doing." To the non-skeptics I say, "I wonder why you believe in any lie I come up with!" ;)
I followed up hypnosis with a little lying game in which some people may have been inappropriately be embarrassed by having a "walk of shame" or blushing because of being caught lying and looking like tomatoes. My apologies to you if you are kind enough to be reading.
 I ended up with something which I won't reveal for the obvious reason that I plan to do a similar performance in other DU colleges too and I wouldn't want to spoil it for them. For those of you who were there, NOTHING was RANDOM! Oh and 10211, I doubt the ones who were there would forget this number. Thanks once again for the awesome experience to all who were there. Thanks Udai, Saativka (hope I spelt it right), Jenifer (hope I spelt this right too), Kanika and everyone else who was a part of organizing the event!
I shall now return to being pointless, I suggest you do the same. ;)