Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Youtube and the Money!

Two weeks ago, I was handsome enough to be approved as a Youtube partner! And no that doesn't mean that I have a share in the profits Youtube earns (you have to be a different level of handsome to get that). Anyways, being a Youtube partner means that my videos have now got what you call "ads" on them. Ads are those little annoying things near the bottom of the video which prevent us from seeing the whole shot of the video. Well those annoying little things help in generating revenue for Google and for the people too!
Because every time someone clicks on those ads, Youtube gets paid AND wait for it.... So do I! That basically means that I'm fast evolving into a soon to be 20 year old geek who earns his living of smug guess work portrayed on his Youtube videos which has unpaid actors according to the people who don't believe in his astonishing talents.  Well to those people I say, those people are NOT actors. I'll stay silent on the smug guess work part though.
So the revenue I generate through my Youtube videos and other mind reading performances, where does that go? Well if my dad had his way, it would be in a long term low yield bond, which promises to make me a billionaire by the time I'm 150 years old (Yes it IS long term). But what I plan to do with it is... well I'll keep that a mystery for now, because I do have BIG plans for it.
As always thank you for wasting your pointless time on my precious little blog...or your precious time on my pointless little blog, it kind of works both ways. If you like my posts, get your extended family to read them too along with your dogs, cats, fish, rat, turtles, horses, giraffe, hamsters, sea horses or whatever you may keep as a pet. Make a fake id for them and post comments in their language on my blog. I'd like to see someone other than me barking on this page too. Anyways, got to go now, I have things to do except for magic.
PS: For anyone interested, my Youtube channel is illusionmagic19.