Monday, March 28, 2011

An Apology

This will be a sort of a tiny little post of mine. Targeted to the 1,243 people who have been kind of enough to read my post on the Psychology and Expressions of Cricket - 2. Interestingly the first part got 879 views. Put together, these two posts make up 1/5th of the total views on the 43 pointless posts on my blog. Thank you so much everyone for spending your precious time on my utter non-sense.
The idea of this post is to say a massive sorry to the 1,243 people who read my prediction and were wondering if it would be right or not. And even though most of you who read it wanted India to win, a tiny part of you was hoping that my prediction came out to be true, just so you could show off to the world that you know a genius like me. Well, unfortunately for both of us, that's not going to happen but hey, lets all cheer for the Indians now!
BUT, I still strongly believe that the World Cup is sadly fixed! Especially after Gautam Gambhir trying so hard to get run out against Australia the other day and other tiny little things which I wouldn't want to point out because well, I think I've had enough cricket on my blog to last me till the next world cup.
A little preview for what's coming up, "The psychology and expressions of ..." well let's keep that a suspense, but it might interest you that it's the most searched thing on Google worldwide (after porn obviously), so am sure that most of you WILL be interested.
Wow, that wasn't a short post by any means. I guess we've all got use to it by now. Anyways, cya next post!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Cricket -2!

So for those of you who have not read my last post on the psychology and expressions of cricket, do yourself a favor and read it. Because it's my highest read post ever! Boy do people want to believe that cricket is fixed or they just love cricket. Anyhow, for those of you who read my last post will know that I was smart enough to go into weird depths of psychology to predict the semis and my predictions were: India, Pakistan, South Africa and England. For those of you who follow cricket will know that all four teams are not playing each other and have a solid chance of reaching the semis.
What has happened since my last post? Ireland have beaten England, Pakistan have beaten Australia, India have crawled to victory against minnows, had an awesome match against South Africa and a weird one against the West Indies. And if you're thinking any of that isn't fixed, well that's your opinion, this is mine.
So for the Australia Pakistan match, the moment Ricky Ponting looked toward the pavilion (it was just for a second, maybe slightly more) he got out, the very next delivery. And if that's not proof enough, the same thing happened with Clarke. Get the video of the match, see it and believe it!
India vs West Indies. Yuvraj Singh on strike on 101. Taking guard. Raina screams from the other end "Woh peeche se aa ra hai short fine leg pe." For those of you who don't understand hindi, it means "That guys coming from behind to short fine leg." Yuvraj Singh is angry about something and smashes the next ball for six and screams a bit more at Raina. The moment Raina comes on strike he hits the ball straight to fine leg and is out. And I have a feeling Yuvraj said to Raina, something like "Out hone ki....." Then a ball before the powerplay, the camera was on Yuvraj and I'm pretty sure he mouthed the words, "Iss ball pe.. (On this ball)" and the camera was taken off him, was it I have to get out on this ball, or was it I have to hit this ball out of the park? Anything's possible but it looked very suspicious to me, especially Yuvraj's expression wasn't of a a man looking to hit a six or a four.
Is cricket fixed? Is it all coincidence? Well I'd love to believe it is just an awesome world cup, but seems to hard. As last time, these are just my views, no offence is meant to any one or any body of cricket.
And I stick to my prediction: India, England, Pakistan and South Africa.
Final: India vs England and England wins.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

All About Magicians!

This blog post is NOT written by me. Well this part and the usual boring introduction is, but after that it's written by a friend of mine. What it is, is a poem written by Pragya Sidhwani (I hope I spelled that right), who also writes weekly for a magazine whose name I don't remember. The poem is wonderfully written and describes exactly what I, David Blaine, Derren Brown or any other self proclaimed over smart magician does in just 20 lines! So here goes:
A trick of the mind,
a sleight of the hand,
a blink of the eye,
a trifle now grand.
Harmonious happenings,
an eager crowd,
deception is lauded,
awe lies in doubt.
His dexterity is theft-
of mind, of thought,
his skill so riveting,
abashment is sought.
He cuts of heads,
an act else tragic,
but surpasses God
in remission by Magic.
Death too shall come,
it too, he will cheat,
for body may decay,
but fame shan't recede.

So, for those of you who loved it, leave a comment complimenting Pragya's awesome work. And for those of  you who are wondering why I'm getting guest writers on my blog for the last two posts? Well I hardly seem to get any comments or an increase in the number of followers, so why not try this. Or I'm just doing this because my blog does come off as a little to self obsessed and I want to change that. Either way, end of post, you're time here is up. Cya, keep reading and keep non sense real! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Schizophrenia - A world of their own!

"This blog post is written based on my thoughts, and my idea of making people who are not suffering from this 'disease' make them feel what it is like to have Schizophrenia. No offence is meant to any person, dog, cat or any other animals reading."
So, with the formalities and terrible jokes out of the way, lets get down to the point. So for those of you who are wondering what in the world is Schizophrenia, it's a mental disorder, and the people who suffer from it live in a world of their own. And a friend of mine was beautiful enough to point out that a person who is Schizophrenic develops images in their own heads, they have imaginary friends and surroundings of their own in their heads and live in that. And that's what prompted to me to write this post.
So what is weirdly fascinating about a person who builds a world of his own? Well, for me, it's Hypnosis! Anyone whose hypnotized is living in a world of their own, you can make them hallucinate, build their own surroundings, and do weird things like stick them to the floor or make them laugh at my pathetic attempts on jokes (because you HAVE to be hypnotized if you laugh at them). I recently tried it with a friend of mine, where I attempted at hypnotizing her, and made her believe that she is Schizophrenic, two minutes later she was in the swiss mountains with goats until I reminded her that she wasn't Heidi and made her come back to real world.
Well so much for a disease, it's just a mental state where one's sub-conscious takes over and can be achieved  on any person walking the streets. And as I end another post of mine, I leave you thinking what made you come here. And I dance in joy and thank Priya Singh for providing me with the idea to write about this. Anyone else with more ideas and want me to write about them? Feel free to share them, till then..Lets live in our own worlds and create our own surroundings to enjoy. Ciao!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Cricket!

So the Cricket World Cup fever is gripping the world, even more so after the wonderful game between India and England. But seeing all these closely contested matches and a series of scores which are in the same range and a heap of wickets falling at the same time during the innings can't stop us from thinking, is cricket fixed? Is it already decided whose going to win and whose going to lose? Is it all a scam for entertainment?
Well the area that interests me is the micro expressions of the players and the simple psychological explanations. Take the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match for example, it was shown on TV, Kumar Sangakara (might have spelt it wrong) stretching in the dressing room and two minutes later a wicket fell. Then Mahela Jayawardene (might have spelt it wrong again, these names are tongue twisters!) was stretching in the dressing room and hardly a minute later another wicket fell. It looks like too much of a coincidence doesn't it? Or was it a cue for the batsmen in the middle to get out? Well that's just my little take on it.
Coming to the big one, India vs England! It's become common knowledge that the moment Gambhir, Pathan and Ian Bell changed their bats, they got out. Was it a signal from the dressing room to get out or was this another weird coincidence? Also Captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni, no matter how "cool" you may be in tense situations, you can only be smiling before the match finishes if you already know the outcome. With three bowls to spare, Dhoni signaled the not out action the umpires do to someone, he obviously wasn't saying not out, but could very well be signaling "tie." Too much of a coincidence again? 
Coming to the final, what would it be like at the Wankhade stadium if India is in the final and they lose, imagine the carnage and the riots! No wonder there are less tickets being sold.
Also the ICC would really want Pakistan cricket to become normal again, seeing the craze of cricket in the country. So to end this post, I would like to make a little haywire prediction of what could happen in the world cup:
Semis : India, England, Pakistan and South Africa.
Final : India vs England and sadly and English victory even though I support India.
PS: No feelings are harmed intentionally. This could all be wrong. And I seriously discourage betting and fixing in cricket. Also, the matches could not be fixed at all, this is just what I sort of feel about everything.