Sunday, March 13, 2011

All About Magicians!

This blog post is NOT written by me. Well this part and the usual boring introduction is, but after that it's written by a friend of mine. What it is, is a poem written by Pragya Sidhwani (I hope I spelled that right), who also writes weekly for a magazine whose name I don't remember. The poem is wonderfully written and describes exactly what I, David Blaine, Derren Brown or any other self proclaimed over smart magician does in just 20 lines! So here goes:
A trick of the mind,
a sleight of the hand,
a blink of the eye,
a trifle now grand.
Harmonious happenings,
an eager crowd,
deception is lauded,
awe lies in doubt.
His dexterity is theft-
of mind, of thought,
his skill so riveting,
abashment is sought.
He cuts of heads,
an act else tragic,
but surpasses God
in remission by Magic.
Death too shall come,
it too, he will cheat,
for body may decay,
but fame shan't recede.

So, for those of you who loved it, leave a comment complimenting Pragya's awesome work. And for those of  you who are wondering why I'm getting guest writers on my blog for the last two posts? Well I hardly seem to get any comments or an increase in the number of followers, so why not try this. Or I'm just doing this because my blog does come off as a little to self obsessed and I want to change that. Either way, end of post, you're time here is up. Cya, keep reading and keep non sense real!