Monday, March 28, 2011

An Apology

This will be a sort of a tiny little post of mine. Targeted to the 1,243 people who have been kind of enough to read my post on the Psychology and Expressions of Cricket - 2. Interestingly the first part got 879 views. Put together, these two posts make up 1/5th of the total views on the 43 pointless posts on my blog. Thank you so much everyone for spending your precious time on my utter non-sense.
The idea of this post is to say a massive sorry to the 1,243 people who read my prediction and were wondering if it would be right or not. And even though most of you who read it wanted India to win, a tiny part of you was hoping that my prediction came out to be true, just so you could show off to the world that you know a genius like me. Well, unfortunately for both of us, that's not going to happen but hey, lets all cheer for the Indians now!
BUT, I still strongly believe that the World Cup is sadly fixed! Especially after Gautam Gambhir trying so hard to get run out against Australia the other day and other tiny little things which I wouldn't want to point out because well, I think I've had enough cricket on my blog to last me till the next world cup.
A little preview for what's coming up, "The psychology and expressions of ..." well let's keep that a suspense, but it might interest you that it's the most searched thing on Google worldwide (after porn obviously), so am sure that most of you WILL be interested.
Wow, that wasn't a short post by any means. I guess we've all got use to it by now. Anyways, cya next post!