Monday, March 21, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Cricket -2!

So for those of you who have not read my last post on the psychology and expressions of cricket, do yourself a favor and read it. Because it's my highest read post ever! Boy do people want to believe that cricket is fixed or they just love cricket. Anyhow, for those of you who read my last post will know that I was smart enough to go into weird depths of psychology to predict the semis and my predictions were: India, Pakistan, South Africa and England. For those of you who follow cricket will know that all four teams are not playing each other and have a solid chance of reaching the semis.
What has happened since my last post? Ireland have beaten England, Pakistan have beaten Australia, India have crawled to victory against minnows, had an awesome match against South Africa and a weird one against the West Indies. And if you're thinking any of that isn't fixed, well that's your opinion, this is mine.
So for the Australia Pakistan match, the moment Ricky Ponting looked toward the pavilion (it was just for a second, maybe slightly more) he got out, the very next delivery. And if that's not proof enough, the same thing happened with Clarke. Get the video of the match, see it and believe it!
India vs West Indies. Yuvraj Singh on strike on 101. Taking guard. Raina screams from the other end "Woh peeche se aa ra hai short fine leg pe." For those of you who don't understand hindi, it means "That guys coming from behind to short fine leg." Yuvraj Singh is angry about something and smashes the next ball for six and screams a bit more at Raina. The moment Raina comes on strike he hits the ball straight to fine leg and is out. And I have a feeling Yuvraj said to Raina, something like "Out hone ki....." Then a ball before the powerplay, the camera was on Yuvraj and I'm pretty sure he mouthed the words, "Iss ball pe.. (On this ball)" and the camera was taken off him, was it I have to get out on this ball, or was it I have to hit this ball out of the park? Anything's possible but it looked very suspicious to me, especially Yuvraj's expression wasn't of a a man looking to hit a six or a four.
Is cricket fixed? Is it all coincidence? Well I'd love to believe it is just an awesome world cup, but seems to hard. As last time, these are just my views, no offence is meant to any one or any body of cricket.
And I stick to my prediction: India, England, Pakistan and South Africa.
Final: India vs England and England wins.