Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Cricket!

So the Cricket World Cup fever is gripping the world, even more so after the wonderful game between India and England. But seeing all these closely contested matches and a series of scores which are in the same range and a heap of wickets falling at the same time during the innings can't stop us from thinking, is cricket fixed? Is it already decided whose going to win and whose going to lose? Is it all a scam for entertainment?
Well the area that interests me is the micro expressions of the players and the simple psychological explanations. Take the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match for example, it was shown on TV, Kumar Sangakara (might have spelt it wrong) stretching in the dressing room and two minutes later a wicket fell. Then Mahela Jayawardene (might have spelt it wrong again, these names are tongue twisters!) was stretching in the dressing room and hardly a minute later another wicket fell. It looks like too much of a coincidence doesn't it? Or was it a cue for the batsmen in the middle to get out? Well that's just my little take on it.
Coming to the big one, India vs England! It's become common knowledge that the moment Gambhir, Pathan and Ian Bell changed their bats, they got out. Was it a signal from the dressing room to get out or was this another weird coincidence? Also Captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni, no matter how "cool" you may be in tense situations, you can only be smiling before the match finishes if you already know the outcome. With three bowls to spare, Dhoni signaled the not out action the umpires do to someone, he obviously wasn't saying not out, but could very well be signaling "tie." Too much of a coincidence again? 
Coming to the final, what would it be like at the Wankhade stadium if India is in the final and they lose, imagine the carnage and the riots! No wonder there are less tickets being sold.
Also the ICC would really want Pakistan cricket to become normal again, seeing the craze of cricket in the country. So to end this post, I would like to make a little haywire prediction of what could happen in the world cup:
Semis : India, England, Pakistan and South Africa.
Final : India vs England and sadly and English victory even though I support India.
PS: No feelings are harmed intentionally. This could all be wrong. And I seriously discourage betting and fixing in cricket. Also, the matches could not be fixed at all, this is just what I sort of feel about everything.