Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Relationships - 2!

It's Wednesday the 20th of April and I just heard a long long story of a friend's break up because her boyfriend was cheating on her. And apart from the usual pointless thinking too much on her part, there were certain useful things that she could have done to figure out whether he was cheating on her before she actually found out.
How you ask? Well through picking up on simple body language tells which may seem a little far-fetched and fairy tale like to most of you, it is surprisingly true! That too for everyone in the world, including animals for crying out loud!!
First of all to everyone whose not straight forward in asking any questions to their bfs or gfs, and rely on their usually self obsessed master plans to trick them into telling you the truth, drop that idea, don't waste time and brains on something that can be figured with just a simple question.
Imagine a conversation:
Boy: Have you cheated on me recently? (ASK THIS IF YOU FEEL IT HAPPENED, NEVER HOLD BACK)
Girl: No!! Why would I?
Girl: Yes, I am!

Now lets look at a normal convo:
Boy: What do you want for lunch?
Girl: Pizza! :)
Boy: Are you sure??
Girl: Yup!

The two conversations look similar, but the mood during them is completely different, so are the words chosen, and the expressions. When a person is lying, obviously they tend to defend themselves and stick to their part of the story. If the reply to, "Have you cheated on me recently?" would have been, "", then the person's probably telling the truth. But in our case she ends with a "Why would I?" question to put pressure back on her boyfriend. Obviously that doesn't happen in case of a pizza.

Now imagine you ask a friend, "What time did you wake up?" And the answer is, "Six." That is the truth! But if he says, "I woke up at six." That's probably a lie, because he's stressing on the fact by repeating your words. Similarly the reply to, "Are you sure?" is different in both conversations, and I hope you can tell the difference by now. :)

As for the expressions, "No, why would I?" will obviously be accompanied with a shake of the head. BUT, as soon as you ask your first question, watch her head! There will be the tiniest of nods subconsciously before the shake of the head. Most of you may not believe in it, but it everyone in the world!! Also imagine yourself lying, there's an awkward pause in a convo when you lie, and how many of you cover it up by scratching your ear or nose? Or inhaling loudly or doing something unusual? Well look for that "awkward pause" in your conversations too and see if he or she does one of those things.

Well I guess that's been one massive post, but trust me putting all that non-sense into words isn't easy. I will be writing up a little more on the expressions part of different conversations hopefully. And if any of you want the expressions to certain conversations, let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks a ton for reading, as always keep your lies honest and the non-sense real. Cya around ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inside A Magician's Relationship Mind!

Good evening...or morning... or afternoon! Or.. well, whatever time you may be reading this pointless little post. This is the first post that doesn't deal with magic exactly but it is a kind of a fun little psychological script.
So as I try to put into simple words, the tiny little expressions which all of you can pick up on, looking at your boyfriends or girlfriends and try to sort of figure out if they are cheating on you or are lying to you or other complicated relationship blabber. I have a simple ten point theory of what a guy thinks a relationship is. And all this may seem a tad bit rude to all girls, deep down, even they know that it's the truth.
SO, the ten points coming from inside the mind of a self proclaimed full of himself psychological magician about relationships are: 

1. The woman always makes the rules.
2. These rules are subject to change without notice.
3. No man can possibly know all the rules.
4. The woman is never wrong.
5. If it appears the woman is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the man did or said.
6. The man must apologise immediately for causing the misunderstanding.
7. The woman can change her mind at any time.
8. The man must never change his mind without the proper consent of the woman.
9. The man must read the mind of the woman at all times.
10. At all times, what is important is what the woman meant, not what she said.

Well if you ask me, the only thing I can do, that to not all of the times, is point number nine. You can never be to sure what a woman is thinking, leaving aside the countless number of times she'll change her mind.
Here's a quick little expression read I can do for all of you reading.
All guys: Will be laughing and smirking as they read these ten points and plan to show this to their friends and laugh harder.
All girls: Will be looking down, shaking their heads with a wry smile that says, "Hmm... that is kind of true."

And as I end this post, a big sorry to all girls who might have taken offence. And a big high five to the guys who might be nodding in appreciation by now.
Come back soon enough, for the big post. The one where I TEACH micro expressions to figure out whats going on in your partner's mind. Till then I'll vanish. *Poof*.... *Runs away to watch the IPL.*

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Psychology and Expressions of Relationships!

The second most searched thing on Google worldwide. "How to handle a relationship??" Or other basic non sense to do with relationships.  There's a little quote I read about relationships that went something like this, "Some last ages, some last years, some last months, some weeks, some just a night." Well I can't tell you how to keep a relationship going for as long or as less a time you want to. But I can tell you how to sort of figure what your partner may be thinking or holding back.
The one thing that people do wrong is over think. Everyone does it and everyone knows that they do it and will never stop doing it. A girl may be wondering, "Why is he ignoring me? Is he cheating on me? Do I not look as good as I use to?" while all the guy may be worried about is getting good food for dinner that night or wondering why Dhoni gave the last over to Ashish Nehra against South Africa or something completely random. On the other hand, a guy may be getting protective about his girlfriend even talking to some other guy and start over thinking stuff, while all she's doing is asking him when the exams start or which period to bunk in school.
So that's the psychology part of people attempting to ruin their own lives.
Expressions? Expressions can help a guy/girl to sort of figure whether the other person's lying or is scared or sad in the relationship and can guide people to talk stuff out for the best. And as I read my last sentence over again, I realize that understanding some of my non sense can be tough, but trust me it's harder for me to put that non sense into words which make a tad bit sense. So, for the greater good, I'll be posting soon about the micro expressions in relationships. Till then, lead a happy life, and don't over think stuff to ruin your relationship. Or do whatever you want, my blog isn't something that usually helps. For all you know, I might just be the only one over thinking stuff and telling the whole world about it. Anyways, it gave me a way to pass my boring afternoon. Oh and to end, a big thank you to my friend Chaitanya Dhingra for providing me with idea to write about relationships.