Saturday, July 23, 2011

Severus Snape - Legilimens!

With Harry Potter finally over, die hard fans such as myself who have no life have seen the final move twice or thrice, they've started reading the books all over again, they've started watching all the movies all over again. And finally the whole wide world, including the dunderheads who watch the movies and call themselves fans find out that Severus Snape is probably the greatest character ever written. 
Is he evil? Is he good? Why does he protect Harry? Or does he hate Harry? All questions are answered and the 15th of July was an unofficial Severus Snape appreciation day. You can't not love the character, including Alan Rickman (who I think deserves an Oscar) the guy who plays Snape in the movies, he was born to play that character. His acting, his voice, the way he talks is absolutely brilliant. 
But I have another reason to love him. Legilemency or what we Muggles call mind reading! There's a line in the Order of the Phoenix in which Snape says "The mind is not a book which can be read at will..." This line couldn't be more accurate. As an amateur magician and mind reader, whoever asks me how do you read minds? This line from Harry Potter always plays in my head. After all how CAN you read minds?
Merrily looking into a person's eyes can not help you figure out what he or she is thinking. Loads of factors like body language, how a person talks, how they sit, how interested they are in something and most of all the tiny little micro expressions of people. All of these things contribute in figuring out what a person is thinking, I or any other mind reader may never be accurate because the mind is not a book that can be read.. but we will have a general idea of what a person is thinking.  
Of course, I'm sure Snape never lifted a deck of cards or guessed the persons birthday or phone number because I doubt he was using Legilimency for purely entertainment purposes like I claim too.
The worldwide phenomenon has come to an end, Harry Potter is over and even if I get Alzheimer's diseases I doubt I would forget the black cloak, the cold grey eyes and the awesome character of the Half Blood Prince, Severus Snape!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avada Kedavara!

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.
"You're a Wizard Harry!"
"I'm a what?"
Those were the first words I heard on a trailer of the first Harry Potter movie. And I decided to start reading the books at the age of 12. And it took me to a whole different world. As a magician, Harry Potter is like what a cheesy magician hopes to be like, flying on brooms and levitating stuff. Even though I don't do "magic" like that, Harry Potter's world had a magic of it's own... worldwide! Waiting in queues with kids who had never ever seen sunrise in their lives mainly because they never woke up before noon, yet were there in queues to get the latest Harry Potter book at five thirty in the morning or fighting to get tickets for the movie's first screening. A thrill like that would never be felt for ages to come.
Being lucky enough to grow up with the boy wizard, I developed certain things of my own brand of magic which were based around Harry Potter. For example, for the build up for the last installment of films, I decided to memorize the last book. (video attached)
I don't want get into how I did that because clearly this isn't the moment. It's the end of an era. It's the end of a worldwide phenomenon (enjoy it in 3D as the trailers say), it's the end of my childhood and that of millions of other people my age who grew up with the boy wizard. "The Boy Who Lived has come to die" but the Boy Who Lived will live forever. 
Avada Kedavara to the world of Harry Potter, may it inspire, excite and make the world of people yet to be born as awesome as it made mine.
Mischief Managed.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Performing for Google - An evening of wonders!

Last year, I performed for Google, Gurgaon. Not only are they the world's best place to work for, judging by the way they encouraged me and helped me perform better then I actually can, they even felt like the world's best place to perform for.
Doing a stage as well as a close up performance on their world famous "TGIF" treats. The performance wasn't as good as what followed it. Their appreciation mail which went out to Google India. And this is what it looked like:
"Gurgaon had quite an unusal close to last week.It was captivating as well as scary. 45 min seemed too short for us. We all wanted more and more.
We played host to Karan Singh , a magician par excellence during TGIF last week. He showed us "magic"; from separating all the Aces in a deck without looking at them to guessing which number we were thinking about - he transported us to another world and told us why he wouldn't be allowed in casinos after this :)
He started at the age of 11 and has only been getting better and better untill now. He started by asking someone from the audience to think of a card. After which he asked someone else in the audience to call out a random number between 1 and 52 ( someone said 25) and he counted 24 cards in the deck and lo and behold! the 25th card turns out to be the thought of card!! This was only the beginning of more such amazing feats. He then involved a group of people to pick cards and hold it between their hands and without touching them got their cards on to his palm. After the initial thoughts of trying to figure out how he did what he did , we all gave up and got immersed ourselves in some reallyyy good mind reading effects. He stunned all of us by telling us which card we thought of without even using the deck. All around words like " , amazinggg , brilliant" could be heard.

Some called him a mind reader , some a magician. In the end , he was the perfect entertainer and we couldn't have ended the week on a more magical note!"

Well Google, all I can say is that, this is till date the best review I've got for a performance and that I would love to perform again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A massive Thank You - Random is Intriguing Indeed!

It was 1am last night, I saw that BLAH magazine had uploaded the video they filmed on and about me. Even though the content of the video was something that some of you who regularly follow my posts might have seen before, the way they filmed it, the way they edited it, the way they made the whole video made me look a whole sight nicer and cooler then I actually am.
For those of you interested in watching the video, well it's integrated into the post so feel free to watch it.
The video has received close to one hundred and fifty views over night, and I've lost count of the number of people who've shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networking platforms. I would like to thank each and everyone associated with BLAH, especially Anubhav Gupta, Prerna Goel, Nischay Pradhan (hope I spelled it right), Sukanya (I'm pretty damn sure I did not spell it right) and most of all Pragya Sidhwani. Interestingly, Pragya is the first person to be featured on my blog twice.
Also, a journalist from Hindustan Times approached me to do an article on me, scheduled sometime in December, also I was asked to be a speaker at the TEDx (something which I will write on a whole different post because my small brain can't process so many things together). So all in all, my birthday month has started off with a bang. Hope it continues.
Thanks to everyone whose loved and supported me for this, also thanks to Butter Chicken for giving me the confidence that it will be there for me at any roadside dhaba at any given point of time. Now before I deviate from the topic more, I'll stop writing.... more so because the mention of Butter Chicken has made me hungry.
PS: Apologies for a slightly dull post, the happiness and excitement is too hard to express with words and I'll do a better job of it when it has all sunk in. Thank you for reading. Do come back unless of course you'd rather be reading erotic poetry. Good night!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Interactive Hypnosis!

So it's been 60 days since I wrote a blog. Which is equal to 1440 hours, interestingly that is also the number of BlackBerry phones which have stopped working since I started writing this post. Anyhow, before I move on check out the video, only when you've done that should you read on.
Done that? Brilliant. So leaving apart all things, and coming to the most important aspect of the video. How many of you actually went on to watch porn despite touching your elbow? Sorry, kind of missed the point there. How many of you were able to fight the force and your fingers never touched? And for the ones whose fingers touched did you feel a force you couldn't control pushing them together till they touched? Or something attracting your fingers closer and closer together?
But the one thing that all of you might be wondering is, how the hell did that happen? Also some of you might be wondering, if you sit in that position, won't the fingers end up touching on their own? Well the answer to the second question is No! Try it on someone who hasn't seen the video and don't tell him what's going to happen. Ask him to sit in that position, and it won't work.
Coming back to how I did that. Well, I asked you to hold up your hands, you did so. I asked you to clasp them together, you did so. I asked you to bring your hands close to your chest, hold up your fingers and close your eyes, you did so. Your sub conscious is tricked into obeying me, and well you just end up believing that there's a force making your fingers touch.
And as I end this post, I would like to thank the makers of Deshdrohi. Because lets face it, I doubt anyone ever thanked them for all the laughs we had on the "star" cast.
Anyhow, there'll be another blog post within a day or two on me being featured in BLAH magazine. Yeah baby. :D
Till then please a find a better place to while away your time. Cheers.