Saturday, July 2, 2011

Interactive Hypnosis!

So it's been 60 days since I wrote a blog. Which is equal to 1440 hours, interestingly that is also the number of BlackBerry phones which have stopped working since I started writing this post. Anyhow, before I move on check out the video, only when you've done that should you read on.
Done that? Brilliant. So leaving apart all things, and coming to the most important aspect of the video. How many of you actually went on to watch porn despite touching your elbow? Sorry, kind of missed the point there. How many of you were able to fight the force and your fingers never touched? And for the ones whose fingers touched did you feel a force you couldn't control pushing them together till they touched? Or something attracting your fingers closer and closer together?
But the one thing that all of you might be wondering is, how the hell did that happen? Also some of you might be wondering, if you sit in that position, won't the fingers end up touching on their own? Well the answer to the second question is No! Try it on someone who hasn't seen the video and don't tell him what's going to happen. Ask him to sit in that position, and it won't work.
Coming back to how I did that. Well, I asked you to hold up your hands, you did so. I asked you to clasp them together, you did so. I asked you to bring your hands close to your chest, hold up your fingers and close your eyes, you did so. Your sub conscious is tricked into obeying me, and well you just end up believing that there's a force making your fingers touch.
And as I end this post, I would like to thank the makers of Deshdrohi. Because lets face it, I doubt anyone ever thanked them for all the laughs we had on the "star" cast.
Anyhow, there'll be another blog post within a day or two on me being featured in BLAH magazine. Yeah baby. :D
Till then please a find a better place to while away your time. Cheers.