Monday, July 4, 2011

A massive Thank You - Random is Intriguing Indeed!

It was 1am last night, I saw that BLAH magazine had uploaded the video they filmed on and about me. Even though the content of the video was something that some of you who regularly follow my posts might have seen before, the way they filmed it, the way they edited it, the way they made the whole video made me look a whole sight nicer and cooler then I actually am.
For those of you interested in watching the video, well it's integrated into the post so feel free to watch it.
The video has received close to one hundred and fifty views over night, and I've lost count of the number of people who've shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networking platforms. I would like to thank each and everyone associated with BLAH, especially Anubhav Gupta, Prerna Goel, Nischay Pradhan (hope I spelled it right), Sukanya (I'm pretty damn sure I did not spell it right) and most of all Pragya Sidhwani. Interestingly, Pragya is the first person to be featured on my blog twice.
Also, a journalist from Hindustan Times approached me to do an article on me, scheduled sometime in December, also I was asked to be a speaker at the TEDx (something which I will write on a whole different post because my small brain can't process so many things together). So all in all, my birthday month has started off with a bang. Hope it continues.
Thanks to everyone whose loved and supported me for this, also thanks to Butter Chicken for giving me the confidence that it will be there for me at any roadside dhaba at any given point of time. Now before I deviate from the topic more, I'll stop writing.... more so because the mention of Butter Chicken has made me hungry.
PS: Apologies for a slightly dull post, the happiness and excitement is too hard to express with words and I'll do a better job of it when it has all sunk in. Thank you for reading. Do come back unless of course you'd rather be reading erotic poetry. Good night!