Saturday, July 23, 2011

Severus Snape - Legilimens!

With Harry Potter finally over, die hard fans such as myself who have no life have seen the final move twice or thrice, they've started reading the books all over again, they've started watching all the movies all over again. And finally the whole wide world, including the dunderheads who watch the movies and call themselves fans find out that Severus Snape is probably the greatest character ever written. 
Is he evil? Is he good? Why does he protect Harry? Or does he hate Harry? All questions are answered and the 15th of July was an unofficial Severus Snape appreciation day. You can't not love the character, including Alan Rickman (who I think deserves an Oscar) the guy who plays Snape in the movies, he was born to play that character. His acting, his voice, the way he talks is absolutely brilliant. 
But I have another reason to love him. Legilemency or what we Muggles call mind reading! There's a line in the Order of the Phoenix in which Snape says "The mind is not a book which can be read at will..." This line couldn't be more accurate. As an amateur magician and mind reader, whoever asks me how do you read minds? This line from Harry Potter always plays in my head. After all how CAN you read minds?
Merrily looking into a person's eyes can not help you figure out what he or she is thinking. Loads of factors like body language, how a person talks, how they sit, how interested they are in something and most of all the tiny little micro expressions of people. All of these things contribute in figuring out what a person is thinking, I or any other mind reader may never be accurate because the mind is not a book that can be read.. but we will have a general idea of what a person is thinking.  
Of course, I'm sure Snape never lifted a deck of cards or guessed the persons birthday or phone number because I doubt he was using Legilimency for purely entertainment purposes like I claim too.
The worldwide phenomenon has come to an end, Harry Potter is over and even if I get Alzheimer's diseases I doubt I would forget the black cloak, the cold grey eyes and the awesome character of the Half Blood Prince, Severus Snape!