Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mind and Magic of Steve Jobs

It's the year 1977, a young Steve Jobs sitting in his parents' garage plans to start Apple Computer Inc. becoming the first person with a vision to sell computers to the general public. People disregard it as unimportant and not something that will sell. In one year it becomes a multi million dollar company.
It's now seven years later, Steve Jobs has launched The Macintosh, people disregard it as unimportant and not something that will sell. Macintosh goes on to become one of the most popular personal computer in the world. But Steve Jobs is made to leave Apple soon after by the board of directors. Almost like being fired from your own company.
It's now twelve years later, the world has disregarded Apple Computer Inc. as unimportant and not something that can sell. But for twelve years Steve Jobs is running a computer company called NeXt. It has expensive but awesome computers which are way ahead of their times. In a master stroke, he sells NeXt to Apple and becomes the interim CEO or iCEO of Apple. Thus start fourteen of the greatest years in the history of Silicon Valley and the most legendary person in the history of technology is reborn.
Why is he on a blog related to Magic? Because it's often said that a trick is as good as the magician or the performer and Steve Jobs is one of the most awesome performers the world has ever seen. For those of you haven't seen the Apple keynotes, do yourself a favor and go see them right now.
What Jobs does through his keynotes, no other CEO is able to. Jobs has made millions of people believe that Apple is religion and he is God, just through his keynotes. Before the iPod was launched there were Mp3 players sold by Japanese companies, and they presented them as "2 GB hard drive, 8 inch products that could hold songs." Steve Jobs presented the iPod as "One Thousand Songs in Your Pocket." Simple, jargon free and awesome.
The Macbook Air keynote started with, "There's something in the Air." And moved on to prove that the Macbook Air was, "The Thinnest Notebook in the World." With the iPhone, Jobs said, "Today, Apple reinvents the phone." He just din't reinvent the phone, he reinvented the music industry, the laptop industry, he brought tablets to the world and dropped them like a bomb waiting to explode and oh did it explode. He doesn't sell products, he sells thoughts and emotions and he provides journalists with headlines. He is the reason that a Google search on Apple lists the fruit on the 6th page and the company for the first five pages. That is how he creates Magic, that is how he's the most awe inspiring CEO in the world, that is why he's as awesome and brilliant in 2011 as he was in 1977.
I can go on and on about him, but I doubt a lot of you would be interested. If you are, let me know and I'll post another one on him.

Till then I leave you with this, "Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, you make one of those and you're remembered forever. He made all four ensuring that he's remembered for eternity." Thank you Steve, you'll be missed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psychology and Expressions of Anna Hazare!

This post is my ideas, no intentions of anyone are meant to be harmed.
The country is talking about Anna Hazare. For all you beautiful people who are not from India and are sweet enough to be here, Anna Hazare is a sort of a Gandhi in the making. Similar clothes, similar movements, trying to fight for the good and wears a Nehru like cap, also not to forget he's kind of hot property or the talk of the town here in India. I couldn't help noticing that any famous personality named Anna is famous. Anna Kournikova and now Anna Haz... yeah okay, I'll leave the "humor" aside.
Today I was on my way home from office and a journey that usually takes 45 minutes, ended up taking me two hours. Why? Protests for Anna Hazare. The whole of India is trying to wonder, should I support him? Should I not? Is he brilliant? Is he a fraud? Well the fact of the matter is 95% of the people who support Anna Hazare, only know how to spell the Lokpal Bill, nothing else about it. Some blessed souls don't even know the spelling of it. 
If you read Anna's history, he's always been into all sorts of these protests for ages. It's because of him that we have the Right to Information. Do I like him? Yes. Do I believe in him? A massive NO, in caps obviously. Why?
Having observed Anna (again these are my observations, major chance that it's all bullshit), I doubt he has massive belief in the Jan Lokpal Bill himself, he seems unbelievably wicked to me. He's a kind of person who gets a kick out of making higher powers bow down to him, in this case, the government. He's a kind of an attention seeker, who wants people to agree with him because whatever he says sounds good. By saying the government is corrupt, he wants people to join him, not realizing that almost everyone in India is corrupt themselves. How many of you have downloaded a movie from torrent? How many of you have downloaded over a 100 songs illegally? Illegal downloading is stealing, piracy. A form of corruption. And yes I've done it myself.
Anna Hazare is a fraud, while I want him to get success, I even want people to realize that he's wrong in some ways and not the next Gandhi as people are calling him (which I'm sure he loves). 
Support him or don't support him, you can't ignore him.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walmart and McDonalds

Why is it that certain shops and stores do better than others? Why is it that we go to certain places over and over again? Is it customer loyalty? Or is it something that pulls us back?
Take Walmart for example, for those of you who don't know what Walmart is, it is a super market which sells literally everything, from clothes to gadgets to grocery to slightly questionable products. And each outlet of Walmart is said to attract 30,000 people everyday. Seeing that there are over 300 Walmart stores worldwide, it adds up to 9,000,000 (9 million or 90 lacks) people everyday. Which works out to about 2.7billion people in a month. That's twice of India's population in a month. That is HUGE compared to the competitors.

Every Walmart store has a McDonalds right at the entrance (See picture above), because the smell of food attracts people in, and right after McDonalds there's vegetables and fruits which also have a peculiar smell which draws people in. People buy their food, drinks, gadgets and other items, the last thing they see while going out is again McDonalds, and they subconsciously end up feeling hungry and stopping for a quick bite. Fact: The McDonalds stores in Walmarts have more annual sales than any other McDonalds all over the world.
Another thing designed to manipulate in these stores is while paying the bill, right next to the billing counter you see chocolates and chewing gum and most of us end up buying them for the main reason that they are right there staring at us waiting to be bought.
For those of you who don't believe in ideas like this, did you ever wonder why most of you when you go to watch a movie and plan NOT to buy pop corn or Pepsi but still end up buying it because you feel like eating it after watching all the people around you eat it. Think about that while I plan my next post. Cheers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nike - Just Do It!

If you're walking in a shopping mall, you go across thousands of shops, restaurants, food courts and other weird shops which none of us ever enter. But every brick, every corner, every inch of certain shops is designed to manipulate us. And as we all know, we tend to stay at malls longer then we actually intend to.
Now for most of the guys and 75% of the girls walking in a mall, you'll be attracted towards Nike, if not to buy anything but just to walk into their store. Why is that? If you're in a mall, all the shops will have their logos with their names and stuff like that, Nike has a tick mark. JUST a tick mark. And what does a tick mark trigger in our head? "Right." ie:  The right place to be and you walk in.
Fact: 45% of the people who walk in to window shop in Nike end up buying something and THAT is a massive number compared to the 3.6% of Reebok. And the 45% is just window shoppers, doesn't include people actually intending to buy stuff.
Why is that? Because each and every corner of the store has a tick mark with the words "Just do it." To a man who knows nothing about Nike, those words won't make sense, they don't even make sense if you know about Nike. "Just do it" in every corner of the shop, just do what? Just... buy! And your sub conscious mind makes you buy things even if you were there to window shop.
Niketown London was opened some years back (image above)) and its major revenue is from shoes. An average Nike store sells 1000 - 1500 pairs of shoes in a month, Niketown London had shoes hanging from the ceiling and in every corner of their store. They had a larger then life shoe outside the store the day it opened. And they sold... Fifty Six Thousand (56,000) pairs of shoes in THREE days.
Not for nothing are they the market leaders in sports for ages.
So end of another pointless little post, do tweet about my blog, share it on Facebook and get other people to read it if you like my posts. Cheers.