Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mind and Magic of Steve Jobs

It's the year 1977, a young Steve Jobs sitting in his parents' garage plans to start Apple Computer Inc. becoming the first person with a vision to sell computers to the general public. People disregard it as unimportant and not something that will sell. In one year it becomes a multi million dollar company.
It's now seven years later, Steve Jobs has launched The Macintosh, people disregard it as unimportant and not something that will sell. Macintosh goes on to become one of the most popular personal computer in the world. But Steve Jobs is made to leave Apple soon after by the board of directors. Almost like being fired from your own company.
It's now twelve years later, the world has disregarded Apple Computer Inc. as unimportant and not something that can sell. But for twelve years Steve Jobs is running a computer company called NeXt. It has expensive but awesome computers which are way ahead of their times. In a master stroke, he sells NeXt to Apple and becomes the interim CEO or iCEO of Apple. Thus start fourteen of the greatest years in the history of Silicon Valley and the most legendary person in the history of technology is reborn.
Why is he on a blog related to Magic? Because it's often said that a trick is as good as the magician or the performer and Steve Jobs is one of the most awesome performers the world has ever seen. For those of you haven't seen the Apple keynotes, do yourself a favor and go see them right now.
What Jobs does through his keynotes, no other CEO is able to. Jobs has made millions of people believe that Apple is religion and he is God, just through his keynotes. Before the iPod was launched there were Mp3 players sold by Japanese companies, and they presented them as "2 GB hard drive, 8 inch products that could hold songs." Steve Jobs presented the iPod as "One Thousand Songs in Your Pocket." Simple, jargon free and awesome.
The Macbook Air keynote started with, "There's something in the Air." And moved on to prove that the Macbook Air was, "The Thinnest Notebook in the World." With the iPhone, Jobs said, "Today, Apple reinvents the phone." He just din't reinvent the phone, he reinvented the music industry, the laptop industry, he brought tablets to the world and dropped them like a bomb waiting to explode and oh did it explode. He doesn't sell products, he sells thoughts and emotions and he provides journalists with headlines. He is the reason that a Google search on Apple lists the fruit on the 6th page and the company for the first five pages. That is how he creates Magic, that is how he's the most awe inspiring CEO in the world, that is why he's as awesome and brilliant in 2011 as he was in 1977.
I can go on and on about him, but I doubt a lot of you would be interested. If you are, let me know and I'll post another one on him.

Till then I leave you with this, "Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, you make one of those and you're remembered forever. He made all four ensuring that he's remembered for eternity." Thank you Steve, you'll be missed.