Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nike - Just Do It!

If you're walking in a shopping mall, you go across thousands of shops, restaurants, food courts and other weird shops which none of us ever enter. But every brick, every corner, every inch of certain shops is designed to manipulate us. And as we all know, we tend to stay at malls longer then we actually intend to.
Now for most of the guys and 75% of the girls walking in a mall, you'll be attracted towards Nike, if not to buy anything but just to walk into their store. Why is that? If you're in a mall, all the shops will have their logos with their names and stuff like that, Nike has a tick mark. JUST a tick mark. And what does a tick mark trigger in our head? "Right." ie:  The right place to be and you walk in.
Fact: 45% of the people who walk in to window shop in Nike end up buying something and THAT is a massive number compared to the 3.6% of Reebok. And the 45% is just window shoppers, doesn't include people actually intending to buy stuff.
Why is that? Because each and every corner of the store has a tick mark with the words "Just do it." To a man who knows nothing about Nike, those words won't make sense, they don't even make sense if you know about Nike. "Just do it" in every corner of the shop, just do what? Just... buy! And your sub conscious mind makes you buy things even if you were there to window shop.
Niketown London was opened some years back (image above)) and its major revenue is from shoes. An average Nike store sells 1000 - 1500 pairs of shoes in a month, Niketown London had shoes hanging from the ceiling and in every corner of their store. They had a larger then life shoe outside the store the day it opened. And they sold... Fifty Six Thousand (56,000) pairs of shoes in THREE days.
Not for nothing are they the market leaders in sports for ages.
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