Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psychology and Expressions of Anna Hazare!

This post is my ideas, no intentions of anyone are meant to be harmed.
The country is talking about Anna Hazare. For all you beautiful people who are not from India and are sweet enough to be here, Anna Hazare is a sort of a Gandhi in the making. Similar clothes, similar movements, trying to fight for the good and wears a Nehru like cap, also not to forget he's kind of hot property or the talk of the town here in India. I couldn't help noticing that any famous personality named Anna is famous. Anna Kournikova and now Anna Haz... yeah okay, I'll leave the "humor" aside.
Today I was on my way home from office and a journey that usually takes 45 minutes, ended up taking me two hours. Why? Protests for Anna Hazare. The whole of India is trying to wonder, should I support him? Should I not? Is he brilliant? Is he a fraud? Well the fact of the matter is 95% of the people who support Anna Hazare, only know how to spell the Lokpal Bill, nothing else about it. Some blessed souls don't even know the spelling of it. 
If you read Anna's history, he's always been into all sorts of these protests for ages. It's because of him that we have the Right to Information. Do I like him? Yes. Do I believe in him? A massive NO, in caps obviously. Why?
Having observed Anna (again these are my observations, major chance that it's all bullshit), I doubt he has massive belief in the Jan Lokpal Bill himself, he seems unbelievably wicked to me. He's a kind of person who gets a kick out of making higher powers bow down to him, in this case, the government. He's a kind of an attention seeker, who wants people to agree with him because whatever he says sounds good. By saying the government is corrupt, he wants people to join him, not realizing that almost everyone in India is corrupt themselves. How many of you have downloaded a movie from torrent? How many of you have downloaded over a 100 songs illegally? Illegal downloading is stealing, piracy. A form of corruption. And yes I've done it myself.
Anna Hazare is a fraud, while I want him to get success, I even want people to realize that he's wrong in some ways and not the next Gandhi as people are calling him (which I'm sure he loves). 
Support him or don't support him, you can't ignore him.