Friday, September 9, 2011

Ripping Apart The Future

Over the past year or so I've been reading up on Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball Gazing, Palm Reading and basically every thing I could find to do with what we call Astrology or "Reading the Future." 
Ever since I got into Magic I was fascinated with all this, I always knew that it can't actually be real but I also wanted to know how they do it. Having read up on these apparently fascinating things I learnt that these "Artists" are not Reading the Future, but they're are actually reading you. Before I actually tell you the basics of how it's all done, I have a few facts and questions that I want you think about.
The most common one, "If they can predict the future, why can't they ever predict natural disasters?" Moving on, why is it that these artists always start by saying, "This is not an exact reading that I'm going to give you, but it will give you a general idea." Then what the hell are we paying you for? A dog can give us a general idea. If you go for a Tarot reading, you pick three cards that apparently tell your future, if you pick three cards five minutes later, obviously they'll be different, does that mean your future changes every five minutes?
Tarot Cards were invented as a card game, those portraits on the cards were never meant to tell the future. Why is it that only the Crystal Ball reader can see what the ball has to say, while for others, all it might suggest is that there'll be a lot of rain later that day. As for palm readers, do they mean that unfortunate people with no hands have no future? Extra-ordinary claims need extra-ordinary proof. But then how is it all done?
There's a technique called Cold Reading and a few famous statements titled Barnum Statements, these are general facts which are used in a way that they seem more personal. Example (Imagine a person who've you just met is saying this to you): You seem like a person whose got a strong Iron Clad exterior while at the same time  there's a soft sensitive side to you which you don't like to show. If you're at a party, there'll be times when you want to be the life and soul of the party and interact with everyone, then again, there'll be times when you want to just sit back and relax and observe people. You've got a lot of friends, but there'll be 3-4 friends which you are very attached too and sort of tell them everything. These are statements which will be true for each and every person in the world but had you not know that they would have seemed very very personal and specific to you. 
Then these Artists will come up with statements like, "At work, you're situation is good, but you hope it could be better, and if you work towards it, it will get better." Again very general when you think of it. "You're relationship is healthy, but it would be loads better if your boyfriend/girlfriend was more involved and did more to make you feel special." And they pick up on certain expressions like head tilts, body drawn backwards or forward to figure out if they're on the right path or not. And also these statements are very open to interpretation, we make sense of them ourselves to make it fit with our lives.
And as I end this post, I meant no offence to any of these Artists, because I do have great respect for their work as long as it's taken as light hearted entertainment and not something that some people follow and get all sorts of expensive rings and break up their relationships or get dis-heartened  at work. Some Artists who think they're psychic are like 3 year old kids who say Santa is real, they think it's the truth, but very sadly it isn't.
To everyone reading, don't ever take advice from these people,  by all means, continue paying to get a reading done, but take it as entertainment not as hard facts to live by.