Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Can't I Be As Cool As You? - Be Yourself

Look around you. If you're a teenager or in your early twenties, every second or third friend of yours will have a passion for one thing or the other. You might have a singer as a friend, a dancer, a person who plays an instrument, it's hard not to know someone in a band and if you're aware of things around you, it's next to impossible NOT to know a photographer these days. It's hard to log onto Facebook and not have someone asking you to like their photography page. Now I have nothing against any form of art or passion, but some people are unfortunately going the "I can do this too" way.
So for the last four or five months, ever since I started doing some big shows and started gaining respect from some people around me, I've been asked one question over and over again, "How did you follow your passion for Magic and made it into a profession?" And the answer might surprise some of you.
For those of you who've seen me perform, might have noticed that I prefer wearing casuals or semi formals while I'm performing and not a hat and a tuxedo. Why? Because wearing a hat and a tuxedo doesn't make me a magician. Neither does having 10 chains hanging around my neck like Criss Angel or sounding stoned like David Blaine. Nor does cutting girls in half or making them fly make me a Magician. Being myself, makes me a Magician.
The same way I don't need hats, tuxedos or chains to become a Magician, you don't need to grow your hair and have slouched shoulders and piercings all over your body to be in a metal band. You don't need to have a "XYZ Photography" page to call yourself a photographer, in fact one the best photographers I know (Divya Naraynan) doesn't have a photography page. 
In simple terms, you don't need to do what others are doing. Because if you do what others do, you'll forever remain a part of the "Others." Be yourself and trust me, the others will want to be like you. 
And that's not just if you're a performer, that's for your life too. You don't need to like a particular song because everyone likes it, and if you say that you don't like it, you fear that people will make fun of you. You don't need to like to go out and party just because the so called "Cool kids" do that night after night. It's the cool kids that forever end up being a part of the others. Trust me, I was never a cool kid.
And that does it for my pointless balderdash for the day. I really hope that some of you really take some inspiration out of it, and actually start being more of yourself regardless of the fact if people like you or not. Be it in your performance, be it in your life., wherever it may be, take off that mask of being someone else and Be Yourself.