Saturday, December 3, 2011

Think Different - Why Don't We?

We were born with two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs and a nose. Except of course, you're tragically born handicapped. Well I mean, if you're born without a nose you won't be able to live, unless you're Voldemort, but that's a whole different story. But ever since birth, we are taught to be normal with our hands, legs and ears and everything else, including the way we live. We are taught a set of rules, and we are told that that's our world. We all have a "life." But think of this, look around you, each and everything you see, from the device you're using to read this, to the seat you're sitting on, was created by someone who was no smarter than you and I. They just thought differently.
We all take pride in saying that we're not like everyone else. But 97% of the world is. They just don't know it yet. And why? Because that 97% of the world refuses to accept change.
The layout of Facebook changes, we all update our statuses abusing Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook in general, but how many of us actually stop using it? 700 free messages in a day get cut down to 100 messages and we start cribbing, but do we stop messaging? And do any of us remember a time when one text used to cost 32 bucks? Why is it, that if a person in India is bold enough to say that he's gay, he's looked down upon? Why do we make fun of someone who likes Justin Beiber or Rebecca Black? Aren't we all entitled to our own opinion? Aren't we all allowed to think differently? 
Coming to performances, why is it that we all hear the word "Magic" and we think, oh he's going to cut XYZ in half, he'll fly, probably vanish something and make a rabbit or a bikini clad girl appear. We hear "I'm in a band." And 97% of us think, oh it's going to be rock music or metal or something along those lines. Why? Can't it be a band of Sufi singers? Or is that not cool enough?
 That's an illusion of a world that we've all built around us because a magician flying is "common." We refuse to accept change, unless it's forced upon us till we start liking it.
Steve Jobs once said, "People don't know what they want until you show it to them." But why is it that we need someone to show it to us? Why can't we think differently and show the world something that everyone will want?
Why is it, that a boy and a girl just sitting in a park at around 8 in the evening, just talking as friends, doing nothing else, just talking. Yet they are presumed to be making out in a public area? Because that's what we were taught, and we refuse to think beyond that.
Why is it that if a teenager says, "I hate to party." People immediately start assuming, "Oh what a boring person, he's a loser, nobody wants to be around him." We think like that, because we're influenced by the masses to behave in a way everyone is, and not to be different.
We are all trapped by the 'world' all of us have created for ourselves, which includes living normally, doing what everyone else does for fear of being called "different." Because the line that says, "He is different" triggers thoughts of a person being mentally disabled or physically challenged or a 'creep.'
I don't cut girls in half. I don't fly. I've never made a rabbit appear and I most certainly do not have bikini clad girls on stage with me. Yet, I'm considered a decent magician.
I hate to party. I hate going to pubs and bars and discos and all these places with loud music that people with you can't even hear you. Yet, I'm liked by people around me.
I may sound self obsessed, but I'm proud to think, that I'm different. Are you?