Friday, April 27, 2012

The Psychology of Lies and Liars

Very very few people are skilled at covering lies, either they have an extensive knowledge about human behavior or they are psycho killers. This post is written keeping in mind, that neither of you fall in one of those categories.
"I have read the terms & conditions & I agree to them."
Everyone lies. You do, your friends do, your parents do, if there was a God, I'm sure he'd tick the terms and conditions box without actually reading them. Of course, there's a certain psychology involved behind that.
No one would fill a massive form and then end up not agreeing to the terms and conditions. You know the terms and conditions are important but the form you've just filled is more often than not provided by a sort of big shot company or person and you know that they won't try to trick you and have stuff written in the terms and conditions which might land you in prison for using their service. Equally, you know you are a good person, even if you're not, you believe you are a good person and won't take advantages of their said terms and conditions and break the law, so might as well tick the box rather than read that 12 page form.
That is one utterly pointless lie that all of us would have said at some point or the other in our lives. However, that is something commonly known as a white lie. A lie that might not have any serious repercussions. 
There are other similar lies that 93% of the population says at some point or the other and make very very similar gestures to give away the fact that they're lying.
One of the most common lies being, "No mom, everyone got horrible marks on the test." When in reality, you know that you're the only whose flunk the test in the whole class, your mom knows that too. In fact she said a similar a lie to her mom at some point yet nothing happens to you and you get away with it.
But this is a lie which we are actually nervous of while telling it. So the sentence is usually accompanied by your hand being raised to a part of your face. Either to scratch your nose, rub your ear, touch a part of the forehead or something along those lines. Why do we this movement? Simply because when we lie, there's this awkward silence when no one is saying a word. We feel that silence because we are the ones who are lying and are nervous, however, the person we are lying to will NOT feel that silence most of the times, unless we shows signs of nervousness by doing one of the actions mentioned above. 
If however a lie is of bigger proportions, like telling your boyfriend or girlfriend that you haven't cheated on them when in reality you have, the rubbing of the nose, ear or forehead will also be accompanied by swallowing of your own spit. So if you want to catch someone while doing this, look at their Adam's Apple and see if it moves. If it's a girl notice her throat move.
There will be times when you're telling a serious lie, could be anything and to anyone, to a friend or family, you'll notice your breathing rate increases and when that happens obviously your chest begins to heave. If you think someone's lying to you, this could be another way to figure out. Just stare at their chests, and risk being considered as a creep. 
These are some of the basic behavioral changes that occur when someone is lying, and by reading this post, you can sort of begin to make sense of how easy, we as human beings can be to read. So what should you do to control it? Simple, NEVER bring your hand to your face while lying, try to breath as less as possible, try to be drinking water or something else which is non alcoholic while telling the lie so that the swallowing motion is covered.
Also, just so you know, the people who lie the best are the ones who continue talking non stop. And can tell a tail as it happened and can also recollect the events that supposedly occurred in reverse order. Every liar practices a story, no one practices it in reverse.
And yes, I HAVE read the terms & conditions once in my life. Just so you know, they're utterly pointless.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Fear Of Yourself - Weirdophobia

To start of, do not Google the word "Weirdophobia", it's not an actual word, I just wrote that to make the tittle of the blog sound better. Which now, when I read it again makes it sound weirder and rather uninteresting than it actually should be. But now I'm very non creative and lazy to change that.
I was talking to someone the other day and he asked me, "A lot of performers, while they're on stage practice a famous technique of imagining that the audience is naked so as to distract themselves from the nerves, do you do that too?"
I don't do that, if that's of any comfort to any of you. What I do do, is imagine a younger version of myself sitting in the crowd laughing at my present self doing all sorts of things to entertain people. And keeping aside the fact that I said do do, you may question why do I do that?
For the simple reason that we must NEVER stop thinking like a kid. We must never stop being that kid who asks "Why?" We must never stop being that kid who finds almost everything around him funny. It's that imagination that makes us unique. It's that imagination which makes us think of different things and makes us who we are. If that dies, we are like everyone else in the world sucked of all the imagination and happiness by the dementors from Harry Potter.
Imagine yourself walking in a crowded area, you're looking at things around you when you bump into someone. You turn around to say sorry to that person, and the moment you do that, you realize that you've bumped into.. yourself. 
That is probably the scariest thing a human being can experience. The moment you realize that you've bumped into yourself, you stand naked. Not literally but figuratively (in some cases, you might want it to be literally, but I'll leave that up to your imagination).
You stand naked, because no matter how much somebody knows you or how well somebody knows you, NO ONE, not even your parents, your kids, your partner or your best friends know the true you better than you. And the thought that another "version" of you is out there somewhere makes all of it a very scary thought.
I always like to believe that there's a version of me somewhere very close by, who other people know. That version may have sides to my personality which it shows which I don't like to show. So the fear of those people knowing certain things about me which are very private to me is the greatest motivation I have to keep thinking like a kid. Because it's that imagination that overcomes the darker sides of mine or anyone else's personality.
So all I'd want to say to end this wayward blog post is NEVER stop thinking like a kid, never stop asking, "Why?" If you do, you're imagination is dead. If your imagination is dead, your ability to develop conversations, ideas, thoughts is dead. If your ability to develop thoughts and ideas is dead, you're only left with darker sides to your personality which you don't want the world to know. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In A World With Apple - The Trillion Dollar Company.

No matter how technologically advanced we might be today, we might be connected to people all across the world through the magic of social media. We might get news on the go, we might send emails from phones and tablets, yet we, or at least I can't stop wondering what it might be to grow up in the times of Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. What might a world without cars and electricity be?
We feel incredibly lucky to live in "The 21st Century." But people in the 19th century would also feel how incredibly advanced and developed they were, while we, sitting in the 21st century laugh at them for being weirdly backward and not having access to smartphones. People 3 centuries from now may sit and laugh at us for being so excited about smartphones and tablets and think how incredibly backward we were.
However we have an amazing story to tell our kids and grandkids, we can tell them that we grew up in the times of Steve Jobs and Apple. We can also tell them that we grew up in times of Blackberry if we want to tell them horror stories before bed time. The Apple story however, is a story that has reserved it's space in legend. In 1997, the company was on the floor, it was a quarter away from bankruptcy, which is when Steve Jobs returned and scripted what is quite simply the greatest comeback in American corporate history. Because as we know it today, Apple is the largest company, IN THE WORLD! 
Apple's net worth is at a staggering five hundred and fifty billion dollars. It's share price is touching 600 dollars. That means it's cheaper to buy an iPad than a single Apple share. All of these numbers make for a very interesting reading.
Here I go, Apple's net worth makes it larger than the ENTIRE United States retail sector. More than the combined GDPs of Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. Bigger than the worldwide illegal drug trade, and that's a massive number.
Apple is larger than Google and Microsoft COMBINED! If Apple only sells Mac computers and laptops and stops selling iPhones, iPads and iPods, it'll still be the 22nd largest company in the world! It's worth approximately 608 million iPads! Worth more than 300 space shuttle endeavors! More than five hundred and twenty six NFL teams. It's finally worth more than Exxon, the world's former most valuable company. 
Apple has more cash reserves than the United States government. This one point alone is a story worth a space in the books of legends. 
But there is, as Steve Jobs would say, "One more thing...."
Apple is worth more than 31 Mark Zuckerbergs and 8 Bill Gates combined! Who feels like the richest man in the world now? 
If the company keeps growing, which I believe it will, we may soon have the world's first ever trillion dollar company and it'll be called, "Apple." From a $3 share in 1997, to a $600 share in 2012. From bankruptcy in 1997 to $550 billion dollars in 2012. This is a story that will be told and re-told and re-told for centuries to come, and I couldn't be more excited to have lived in these times.